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  Interesting class to help kids improve memory  2018-05-23  
  Makeup training to give residents a leg-up in career development  2018-05-23  
  Charity bazaar to show love and care for poverty-stricken people  2018-05-23  
  Professional and amateur EWI players gather in Dongshahu sub-district  2018-05-23  
  Administrative staff expound on policies for expatriates  2018-05-23  
  Space expert unveils secrets of Earth and space  2018-05-23  
  SIP enterprise's AED approved for marketing  2018-05-22  
  Tech forum held in SIP  2018-05-22  
  SIP expects greater achievements relying on innovation  2018-05-22  
  Contemporary art works displayed in ancient garden  2018-05-22  
  10 teenagers declared "Little Life Scientists"  2018-05-22  
  International cooperation program offers students opportunities to study overseas  2018-05-21  
  SCS teams up with SIP authority in developing fintech cluster  2018-05-21  
  Suzhou Center Mall recognized at Global RLI Awards  2018-05-21  
  Design town unveiled to the public  2018-05-20  
  SISO advancing toward top service outsourcing talent supplier  2018-05-20  
  Handiworks made by people with disabilities exhibited and sold  2018-05-20  
  Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale kicks off  2018-05-20  
  SIP campaigns against training adverse to youngsters' growth  2018-05-19  
  University and enterprise team up in AI development  2018-05-19  
  Families make wish bottles to embrace environment-friendly lifestyle  2018-05-19  
  SZSC natatorium to come into service in June  2018-05-18  
  Ceramic installation exhibition to kick off in YLPTR  2018-05-18  
Much anticipated channel to be built soon
Olympic Sports Square to open in June
Jinji Lake Walkway expected to come into service late this year
24-hour smart library to open soon
2018 SZJLIHM kicks off in SIP
Modern Road to be renovated
Construction of Jinji Lake Tunnel to start in 2018
The Opening Ceremony of iSING! Suzhou... The 2nd InnovFest Suzhou Held in SIP
China (Suzhou) Cross-border E-commerc... Grand Gathering of 30,000 Runners in ...
  SISPARK business hotlines come into service  
SIP Science & Technology Development Co Ltd, developer and operator of Suzhou International Science Park (SISPARK) in...

KLIC demo center inaugurated in SIP
SISPARK enterprises receive "special ...
7th "1000 Plan" Startup Contest kicks...
Painless childbirth services availabl...
  SIP announces second-quarter plan for the media  
SIP hosted its first-quarter news briefing at SIP High-End Manufacturing and International Trade Zone (SIP-HMITZ) on ...

Canadian delegation visits SIP to dee...
SIP's experience in labor relations e...
New measures to bolster headquarters ...
Shared e-bikes investigated
  LFCEMC officials inspect kindergartens  
A number of officials from Loufeng Sub-district Children Education Management Center (LFCEMC) conducted an inspection...

Community takes multiple measures to ...
Xinghai faculty members attend traini...
Parents partake in kindergarten educa...
Citizens learn more about internation...
  SIP promotes tourism resources in Guangzhou  
The 2018 Suzhou Tourism Promotion themed "Paradise in Suzhou" was held at Vanlas Fort Hotel, Guangzhou, capital of So...

SZJLIHM to kick off next month
YLPTR receives over 200,000 tourists ...
YLPTR receives awards for strong comp...
Tourism forum opens in SIP
  New hospital to set up  
SIP broke ground on a new project on Dec 20, planning to invest RMB 230 million to build a new hospital named Xingtan...

Mechanical parking system debuts in SIP
Smart management platform facilitates...
DeviceChina 2017 kicks off in SIP
SIP Sports Centre's stadium and natat...
  Serial events to help parents rear their children in scientific ways  
Huxi Community Working Committee offered a class on Mar 10, when a number of parents and their children learned knowl...

Children learn fire response skills
Large event to mark WCRD
Communities campaigns to raise migran...
Various planting activities to celebr...
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