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  The 2nd China (Suzhou) Biennial International Pastel Art Exhibition Opens  2016-10-24  
  Kayaking on Jinji Lake  2016-10-24  
  "American Medical Health Innovative Enterprises Road Show in China" Comes to Suzhou  2016-10-21  
  Roca (Suzhou) Shower Enclosures Factory Opens  2016-10-20  
  Harman Suzhou to Build Phase-2 Plant  2016-10-19  
  B. Braun's Phase-2 Plant Opens for Surgical Instrument Business  2016-10-19  
  SIP Public Incubation Platform to Facilitate Incubators  2016-10-19  
  Suzhou Centennial College to Enroll Students Next Year  2016-10-18  
  TOT Biopharm to Build Phase-2 Production Base  2016-10-18  
  Canoeing Competition First Seen on Jinji Lake  2016-10-17  
  Sailing on Jinji Lake  2016-10-16  
  CESI East China Branch Settles Down in SIP  2016-10-14  
  Play Diabolo Game together  2016-10-13  
  Xinghai Primary School East Campus Sited  2016-10-13  
  Suzhou City Is Aglow under Crimson Clouds  2016-10-12  
  Suzhou to Build a World-class Brain Science Research Center  2016-10-11  
  China's Largest-scale Stem Cell Bank to Be Built in SIP  2016-10-11  
  SIP Provident Fund Management Center Provides Service on Saturdays  2016-10-10  
  Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab-themed Games Held  2016-10-09  
  The 1st Suzhou Canoeing Competition to Kick Off on October 15  2016-10-09  
  Enjoy Golden Autumn in SIP  2016-10-08  
  Ori Animation Explores Overseas Market  2016-10-08  
  Enjoy Parent-child Cycling around Jinji Lake  2016-10-07  
The 1st China BioMed Innovation & Investment Conference Scheduled to Open in SIP in November
To Donate Disused E-Products from June 17-18
Yangchenghu Peninsular Int'l Vogue Design Contest Launched
The 8th Venture Week for International Elites Scheduled for July
2016 Suzhou Jinji Lake Int'l Half Marathon Scheduled for March 13
Sign-up for 2016 Suzhou Jinji Lake International Half Marathon Starts
The 9th Christmas Bazaar to Open in SIP
The Opening Ceremony of iSING! Suzhou... The 2nd InnovFest Suzhou Held in SIP
China (Suzhou) Cross-border E-commerc... Grand Gathering of 30,000 Runners in ...
  "American Medical Health Innovative Enterprises Road Show in China" Comes to Suzhou  
2016 American Medical Health Innovative Enterprises Road Show in China (Suzhou station) was held in Suzhou Industrial...

Roca (Suzhou) Shower Enclosures Facto...
B. Braun's Phase-2 Plant Opens for Su...
Harman Suzhou to Build Phase-2 Plant
SIP Public Incubation Platform to Fac...
  SIP Party Congress Convened  
CPC Suzhou Industrial Park Congress was convened on the afternoon of August 12, presided over by Wang Xiang, Standing...

Wang Xiang Surveys Mass Organization ...
Wang Xiang Inspects Work of Community...
Wang Xiang Leads a Survey Team to She...
SIP Party Working Committee Holds Enl...
  SIPYCC Traditional Opera Society Makes a Hit at Singapore Int'l Chinese Opera Festival  
At the 2nd Singapore International Chinese Opera Festival from September 1 to 4, Traditional opera society of Suzhou ...

Tutorial Etiquette
SIP Xingcheng School Welcomes Its Fir...
SIP Elementary & Secondary School Stu...
College Redefines Learning Mission
  Come and Enjoy Autumn Outing on Yangchenghu Peninsula  
2016 "Autumn outing on peninsula" activity of Suzhou Yangchenghu Peninsula Tourist Resort was unveiled on September 2...

Wetland on Yangchenghu Peninsula
SIP Launches 2016 Humanistic Photo & ...
Sweet Romance by Dushu Lake
The 19th SIP Neighborhood Center Food...
  Office Buildings of Suzhou Center Appear by Jinji Lake  
The office buildings of Suzhou Center, located on the shores of Jinji Lake, made appearance on June 15.

Plaza of SIP Sports Center Makes Appe...
Overlooking "Wings of Tomorrow"
Suzhou Jinji Lake Int'l Convention Ce...
Voluntary Tree-planting Activity Held...
  The 2nd China (Suzhou) Biennial International Pastel Art Exhibition Opens  
The 2nd China (Suzhou) Biennial International Pastel Art Exhibition opened on October 22 at Ming Gallery of Art, Suzh...

Enjoy Parent-child Cycling around Jin...
The 4th SIP Culture & Sports Festival...
China Symphony Summit Held in Suzhou ...
Calligraphy Exhibition of Qian Yuqing...