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  Xu Huimin solicits people's comments and suggestions  2017-03-23  
  Having a good sleep  2017-03-23  
  Celestica GBS Suzhou Opens  2017-03-22  
  Callisons opens Suzhou subsidiary in SIP  2017-03-22  
  "Jinji Lake Grand Stage" in Link Community  2017-03-22  
  Interesting games on Spring Equinox  2017-03-22  
  Suzhou Int'l Jinji Lake Half Marathon upgraded to "Golden Medal Event"  2017-03-21  
  Suzhou Dongwu Football Club sets out for the new season  2017-03-21  
  Bright flowers more charming in spring rain  2017-03-21  
  Artistic atmosphere by Jinji Lake  2017-03-21  
  Xinggang Street Tunnel to be operational before Aug  2017-03-20  
  Egg-standing a popular game in Spring Equinox  2017-03-20  
  First municipal children's roller skating training base opens  2017-03-20  
  Afu Robots grab attention at SIIE  2017-03-20  
  Tang Chongyan: I feel happy in offering charity service  2017-03-20  
  Running in the Spring Breeze  2017-03-20  
  Jinji Lake Half Marathon's "Golden" Ambition  2017-03-20  
  Conductor Chen Xieyang lectures on "all Beethoven"  2017-03-19  
  Concert "The Eternal Tchaikovsky I" staged  2017-03-19  
  Happy family time  2017-03-19  
  Drawing mom's smiling face  2017-03-19  
  Tang Yin's oil painting exhibition unveiled  2017-03-18  
  Workplace safety inspection conducted in SIPITZ  2017-03-18  
“Suzhou China” Officially Launched
The 1st China BioMed Innovation & Investment Conference Scheduled to Open in SIP in November
To Donate Disused E-Products from June 17-18
Yangchenghu Peninsular Int'l Vogue Design Contest Launched
The 8th Venture Week for International Elites Scheduled for July
2016 Suzhou Jinji Lake Int'l Half Marathon Scheduled for March 13
Sign-up for 2016 Suzhou Jinji Lake International Half Marathon Starts
The Opening Ceremony of iSING! Suzhou... The 2nd InnovFest Suzhou Held in SIP
China (Suzhou) Cross-border E-commerc... Grand Gathering of 30,000 Runners in ...
  Meeting held to solicit opinions on development  
A meeting was held in SIP to solicit suggestions and opinions from enterprises with self-owned brands on Jan 20. It f...

TRIRUN visited families in need
HUWIC settles in SIP
Yu Dechao awarded science innovator 2016
SIP enterprise develops micro-nose ar...
  SIP holds meeting on healthcare  
SIP held a working conference on healthcare on Feb 6 to mobilize the staff in healthcare field to make concerted effo...

Xu Huimin inspects Bosch Automotive P...
Xu Huimin inspects grass-roots work i...
Xu Huimin sends seasonal greetings to...
SIP leaders visit PLA Suzhou units
  Serial education activity for minors launched  
A serial education activity under the theme of "learn history and make a vow to foster virtuous character and do good...

Painting plum blossoms in classical g...
Samsung Display Institute launched at...
Football star James Cowser invited to...
Royal Society of Chemistry accreditat...
  Plum blossoms in bloom in SIP  
The weather has been sunny over the past few days and the sweet-smelling plum blossoms have come into bloom with the ...

Yioulai acclaimed one of the most pop...
Koi fish bring children great pleasure
Ceramic handiworks appreciation by Ya...
Colorful activities to be held on Yan...
  SIP Sports Center shaping up well  
SIP Sports Center, which is designed with stadium, gymnasium, natatorium, supporting facilities, sports park and outd...

About 800 trees planted by Yangcheng ...
"Beauty" of the highest building emer...
Subway holiday timetable adjustment
Students learning environment protect...
  Enjoying high-brow art  
Over 20 female residents in SIP Xi'an Community enjoyed flower arrangement together on March 7, gaining happiness and...

Making good-looking handbags
2nd SIP women's calligraphy & photogr...
"Plant" trees by paper-quilling
Let's give ourselves the thumbs-up!
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