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  A perfect weekend to be immersed in culture and fashion  2017-05-23  
  Taiji competition staged in Hudong  2017-05-23  
  Dragon boat race to kick off at Jinji Lake  2017-05-23  
  22nd Huading Awards winners unveiled  2017-05-23  
  "Touched by Love" shooting begins  2017-05-22  
  Volunteers make zongzi for senior citizens  2017-05-22  
  Xinghai Primary School clinches 37 swimming medals  2017-05-22  
  Workshop on students' psychological qualities held  2017-05-22  
  Xinghai Primary School kicks off sports & art festival  2017-05-22  
  Disseminating value of public-benefit undertakings based on poetry culture  2017-05-21  
  Activities to help raise students' safety awareness  2017-05-21  
  Flower arrangement to show love for mothers  2017-05-20  
  Reading for mothers' love  2017-05-20  
  Family carnival held at SANGHA Homes  2017-05-19  
  SJTU and Suzhou jointly develop AI research institute  2017-05-19  
  World famous chef brings delicacies across the Pacific  2017-05-18  
  SZSO to join in Tan Dun's concert  2017-05-18  
  Parents and children learn to bake  2017-05-18  
  Taiji enthusiasts compete at community event  2017-05-18  
  Join in green travel for a wonderful life  2017-05-18  
  Qingyuan Community campaigns to promote disaster prevention and reduction  2017-05-18  
  Construction of SIG Combibloc's Asia-Pacific Technical Center launched in SIP  2017-05-17  
  A "talk" between Xiaodong and Peter in painting  2017-05-17  
“Suzhou China” Officially Launched
The 1st China BioMed Innovation & Investment Conference Scheduled to Open in SIP in November
To Donate Disused E-Products from June 17-18
Yangchenghu Peninsular Int'l Vogue Design Contest Launched
The 8th Venture Week for International Elites Scheduled for July
2016 Suzhou Jinji Lake Int'l Half Marathon Scheduled for March 13
Sign-up for 2016 Suzhou Jinji Lake International Half Marathon Starts
The Opening Ceremony of iSING! Suzhou... The 2nd InnovFest Suzhou Held in SIP
China (Suzhou) Cross-border E-commerc... Grand Gathering of 30,000 Runners in ...
  Most devoted craftsmen in SIP to be selected  
The nomination of "The most devoted craftsmen in SIP" was launched on March 27. Through the procedure of recommendati...

Lecture on labor law given at Ruhlamat
Three-year action plan issued for bet...
Tus-Design Group opens
Afu Robots grab attention at SIIE
  SIP holds meeting on healthcare  
SIP held a working conference on healthcare on Feb 6 to mobilize the staff in healthcare field to make concerted effo...

Xu Huimin inspects Bosch Automotive P...
Xu Huimin inspects grass-roots work i...
Xu Huimin sends seasonal greetings to...
SIP leaders visit PLA Suzhou units
  Funny sports meet in kindergarten  
The picture taken recently shows that at the opening ceremony of the 3rd parent-kid sports meet sponsored by SIP IALA...

Students compete in sci-tech carnival
The 3rd Suzhou-Hong Kong Adolescents ...
Teenagers experience the charm of AI ...
Sci-tech Innovation & Entrepreneurshi...
  Enjoying spring outing by Dushu Lake  
Suzhou finally said farewell to rainy days and welcomed enchanting scene of Spring on March 27. With relatives or fri...

Jinji Lake Grand Hotel holds romantic...
Tongcheng's pole-directed cruises in ...
Beautiful spring scenery by Jinji Lake
Magic World Carnival is on at Dushu L...
  Xingtang Street northward extension project expected to be completed in 2019  
The above picture taken on March 29 shows that the workers are in the middle of building a cofferdam at the construct...

Xinggang Street Tunnel to be operatio...
Meeting to examine protection plan fo...
SIP Sports Center shaping up well
About 800 trees planted by Yangcheng ...
  Chance meeting between Western music and Suzhou classic garden  
Over 20 musicians from Suzhou Symphony Orchestra (SZSO) went out on a spring outing in Dongshan Town, Wuzhong Distric...

SIP Cultural Center supporter of mass...
Feel artistic charm through script re...
Spain Pastel Art Exhibition at Ming G...
Chinese and foreign teenagers perform...
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