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  Grundfos Tech Centre China Grand Opening after Upgrading  2018-08-16  
  E-traffic services available in SIP  2018-08-16  
  SIPMSB takes actions against illegal on-line marketing  2018-08-16  
  Traditional handiworks and clothes to disseminate traditional culture  2018-08-16  
  Irish sculptor's installations being constructed at YLPTR  2018-08-16  
  Youngsters learn knowledge and skills in interesting events  2018-08-16  
  Young singles make friends at matchmaking event  2018-08-16  
  Diverse events give youngsters a leg up in their growth  2018-08-16  
  Renovation projects to improve urban environment  2018-08-16  
  AAMA launches entrepreneur training program in Suzhou  2018-08-15  
  Youngsters do their bit in community governance  2018-08-15  
  Shared wheelchairs available in SIP hospital  2018-08-15  
  Community builds standard charging piles to eliminate safety pitfalls  2018-08-15  
  Poetry, calligraphy and painting arouse residents' awareness of incorruption  2018-08-15  
  Communities show care and love for elderlies  2018-08-14  
  Diverse events to disseminate traditional Chinese culture  2018-08-14  
  Expert teaches residents parenting skills  2018-08-14  
  Residents donate over 600 books to left-behind children  2018-08-14  
  Matchmaking event held on ice rink  2018-08-14  
  Community tries to help residents enrich their life  2018-08-14  
  Events help children gain new knowledge and skills  2018-08-14  
  Community tries to help children enjoy a happy summer vacation  2018-08-13  
  Singing class to disseminate local culture  2018-08-13  
100 minibuses to come into trial operation in SIP
SZSC commercial plaza and natatorium open to public
Dragon boat race to kick off next month
Much anticipated channel to be built soon
Olympic Sports Square to open in June
Jinji Lake Walkway expected to come into service late this year
24-hour smart library to open soon
The Opening Ceremony of iSING! Suzhou... The 2nd InnovFest Suzhou Held in SIP
China (Suzhou) Cross-border E-commerc... Grand Gathering of 30,000 Runners in ...
  SIP-HRSP representatives seek cooperation opportunities in Chengdu  
The China Human Resource Service Expo 2018 sponsored by the country's leading HR management media and internet compan...

Marketers meet in SIP
SIP enterprise releases heuristic int...
Salon session on HR services held in SIP
High-tech projects displayed at VWIE
  SZFTU officials show care and love for people working outdoors  
Considering the recent continuous high temperature, Wen Xianghua, chairman of Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions (SZFT...

SU researchers discover new radio-imm...
SIPCF council meeting held
All efforts to push on environmental ...
SIP gives special rewards to talents
  Consistent reform helps school achieve remarkable outcomes in French proficiency tests  
China-France School of Renmin University of China Suzhou Campus in SIP received a string of good news in the graduati...

New kindergarten to come into operati...
SIP primary school declared education...
Enterprise gives aid to financially c...
New campus to come into use in September
  IHG wedding exhibition held at Suzhou Center  
British hospitality company InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)'s five hotels in Suzhou jointly held a wedding exhibi...

Music festival kicks off
Folk music festival to kick off in YL...
Serviced apartment in SIP soft opening
Hotel table setting competition held ...
  Cancer experts' roundtable wraps up  
Sponsored by China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association and the Food and Drug Administratio...

Chinese and American cancer experts g...
Upgraded tunnel monitoring system pas...
Xinghu Hospital hosts summit on thora...
Dragon boat race to kick off on Drago...
  Xietang Academy starts to offer classes  
Xietang Academy in Xietang Sub-district launched its first teaching program on July 24 after its inception in June. I...

Huxi sub-district's first home librar...
Diverse events make residents' life c...
Children learn multiple skills in int...
Children from exceptional families en...
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