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  Open-air fitness dancing competition underway  2018-06-14  
  Four SIPITS teaching designs advance to provincial competition  2018-06-14  
  Listen to the exciting stories about energy saving in SIP  2018-06-14  
  Parenting training starts  2018-06-14  
  Social science expert gives lecture in SIP  2018-06-14  
  Moon Bay basketball carnival starts  2018-06-13  
  Physical exercises competition kicks off  2018-06-13  
  Special job fair to help H. Brothers recruit staff  2018-06-13  
  Children's cycling carnival held at YLPTR  2018-06-13  
  Community staff trained to operate smart administration system more efficiently  2018-06-13  
  Calligraphy lecture to decode the art of ancient stele inscription  2018-06-13  
  YLPTR tourism resources exhibited at airport  2018-06-13  
  SIP public institution staff visit SSECM  2018-06-13  
  Experts provide free diagnosis to elderlies without children  2018-06-13  
  SIP-HMITZ skill training program wraps up  2018-06-12  
  Residents showcase their talents in music competition audition  2018-06-12  
  Family ties tightened in community football games  2018-06-12  
  SIP Library launches Picture Book Reading and Creation Platform  2018-06-12  
  Educational platforms for families and females come into service  2018-06-12  
  Young cadres attend job training  2018-06-12  
  Serial events to mark Culture and Natural Heritage Day  2018-06-12  
  Youngsters' award-winning inventions displayed  2018-06-11  
  Officials visit on-line tourist service company for a survey  2018-06-11  
Dragon boat race to kick off next month
Much anticipated channel to be built soon
Olympic Sports Square to open in June
Jinji Lake Walkway expected to come into service late this year
24-hour smart library to open soon
2018 SZJLIHM kicks off in SIP
Modern Road to be renovated
The Opening Ceremony of iSING! Suzhou... The 2nd InnovFest Suzhou Held in SIP
China (Suzhou) Cross-border E-commerc... Grand Gathering of 30,000 Runners in ...
  MG MiniGears Suzhou's new plant starts operation  
The 26,000-sqm new plant of MG MiniGears Suzhou Co Ltd in SIP, a branch of global gears and components manufacturer h...

Administrative staff expound on polic...
Space expert unveils secrets of Earth...
SIP enterprise's AED approved for mar...
Tech forum held in SIP
  SIP gives special rewards to talents  
SIP launched the Housing Rewards mechanism on Mar 17, starting to offer talents rewards and subsidies for house purch...

SIP announces second-quarter plan for...
Canadian delegation visits SIP to dee...
SIP's experience in labor relations e...
New measures to bolster headquarters ...
  International cooperation program offers students opportunities to study overseas  
The China-Canada International High School Classes at Soochow University High School (SUHS) have helped many Chinese ...

SISO advancing toward top service out...
Picture-book-based teaching competiti...
Suzhou-Singapore education forum goes...
New schools to come into service in SIP
  Design town unveiled to the public  
The opening ceremony of Suzhou Jinpu No. 9 Design Town in SIP was held on May 20. A group of local officials were pre...

YLPTR gives special gifts to mothers
Suzhou W Hotel wins Shanghai WOW! awards
Landscaping project at JLSA expected ...
JLHG trade union federation honored f...
  New hospital to set up  
SIP broke ground on a new project on Dec 20, planning to invest RMB 230 million to build a new hospital named Xingtan...

Mechanical parking system debuts in SIP
Smart management platform facilitates...
DeviceChina 2017 kicks off in SIP
SIP Sports Centre's stadium and natat...
  Quarterly programs enrich residents' life  
Two quarterly programs undertaken by SIP's Dushu Lake Resident Liaison Center have won great popularity for they have...

Legal service network covers whole su...
SZSO to start its Asian tour in Singa...
Community cultural and art festival k...
Diverse events to help children devel...
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