CSSD listed at A-share market

CSSD went public at Shanghai Stock Exchange on Dec 20, becoming the country’s first listed operator of a state-level economic and technological development zone.

CSSD was jointly founded in August 1994 by Chinese and Singaporean governments as the main developer of SIP. It designs and develops various public and commercial buildings and provides comprehensive and eco-friendly public utility solutions to support SIP’s development in all aspects. The company is also going out of its way to roll out SIP’s development mode to other areas by investing in and helping build a list of industrial parks in these areas. The company expects to raise enough funds from the capital market to help accelerate the realization of SIP’s goal toward a world-class industrial park.[MORE]

开发模式获资本市场认可 中新合作内涵持续深化1.jpg
开发模式获资本市场认可 中新合作内涵持续深化2.jpg
All-around support to SIP’s development
CSSD ranked third last year among “China’s Top 10 Industrial Park Operators” which were determined by China Index Academy after a systematic evaluation of the candidates’ comprehensive strength in terms of a set of indicators designed to reveal their capacities for industrial development, urban construction and business operation. [MORE]
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Turning “Singaporean experience” into “SIP experience”
As a Sino-Singaporean joint venture, CSSD has been learning experience from Singapore for the development and operation of SIP. However, it is concurrently trying to localize the Singaporean experience based on SIP’s actual conditions and needs and turn it into “SIP experience”. Now, the “SIP experience” has proved to be very effective in bolstering business development and ensuring residents’ sense of happiness, and is being r... [MORE]
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CSSD ready to drive further thriving of SIP
The listing of CSSD at Shanghai Stock Exchange is believed one of two gifts for SIP’s 25th anniversary. The other one is the 60.15-square-kilometer free trade zone established in SIP in September. The former means SIP’s development mode has endured the test of time and is enhancing SIP’s confidence in seeking international cooperation, while the latter will expand SIP’s opening-up and tighten its trade ties with the world. [MORE]