The 10th LCR kicks off
The opening ceremony of the 10th LCR was held at Moon Harbor, SIP on Oct 11. Over 200 adults and youngsters showcased outstanding sailing skills in the races over the following three days, while a huge number of spectators watched the races and joined the Suzhou International Lohas Festival to enjoy delicious food and amazing art performances and experience various water sports. [MORE]
Rookies and veterans gather at LCR
Among the contestants at the 10th LCR are both rookies who just took to sailing and veterans with many years of experience in the sport. [MORE]
Sports paired with cross-cultural experiences
LCR has set a good example for the development of cultural and sport tourism, each year recording a huge number of visitors including not only locals but also tourists from around the world. For this, in addition to the stunning races, the Suzhou International Lohas Festival plays a big part, too. [MORE]
Young stars are rising
The Optimist (OP) race in which children up to the age of 15 compete with a small single-handed sailing dinghy specially designed for them has become an integral component of the LCR. This year’s event saw over 40 little contestants from Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities. [MORE]