SIP tries its utmost to strive for high-quality education development

SIP authorities hosted a symposium on Sept 9, one day before the Chinese Teachers’ Day, when the participating officials extended festival greetings to all the educators in SIP and exchanged opinions on education development with the participants from a number of local educational institutions.

It is learnt that schools in SIP have pulled off great successes in faculty development and introduction of scientific and diversified teaching modes. SIP students have demonstrated excellent performance in entrance examinations for senior high schools and higher education institutions for many consecutive years. Moreover, nearly every school offers characteristic education... [MORE]

Unique astronomy courses at SIP Xinghai Experimental Middle School
SIP Xinghai Experimental Middle School has been endeavoring for over 10 years to popularize astronomy among its students. It offers a set of astronomy courses based on textbooks compiled by the school’s teachers, and runs an astronomy club and a website to offer students interested in astronomy opportunities for astronomical observations and study.[MORE]
SIPITS’ innovative teaching mode designed to cultivate future entrepreneurs
SIP Industrial Technical School (SIPITS) has blazed a trail in job-oriented education. It has developed a teaching mode that incorporates classroom study with club activities, internships, extracurricular tutorials and competitions to encourage its students to engage in technical innovation and starting their own businesses. [MORE]
Every school has characteristic education programs
SIP encourages the local schools to develop characteristic education programs to help their students pursue all-around development. Therefore, nearly every school in the area has one or more programs of the kind.[MORE]