SIP strives to drive high-quality development of cultural industry
The Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China together with several other state authorities recently announced the “2019-2020 List of Major Cultural Exporters and Major Cultural Export Projects of China”. On the list are 32 enterprises from East China’s Jiangsu province, including six in SIP. All the six companies, namely Friend Times, Snail Digital Technology, ORI Animation, Papergames, Xianfeng Network Technologies and iClockwork, won the title of “Major Cult...[MORE]
Sufficient talent supply and considerate talent services help foster excellent teams
“The sufficient talent supply and considerate talent services in SIP are the biggest reason I made up my mind to start my business here,” said Kuang Panfeng, founder of Da Yu, an MCN (multi-channel network, referring to a company or entity that works with multiple channels and content creators, consulting or assisting towards success on streaming video platforms) in SIP.
The five-year-old company now has about 700 employees, and its digital content has won over 400 million fans.
“An excellent team means an endless source of originality,” Kuang said.

Statistics show that SIP now has about 50,000 people working for cultural companies, including many holding honors from governments at different levels for their outstanding occupational attainments.[MORE]

Financial support to give cultural enterprises a leg up in seeking strong development
SIP authorities offer considerate financial support to cultural businesses, such as special funds earmarked for certain cultural projects, subsidies for office rents and exhibition expenditures and rewards for key projects, etc.

HIS Design, a company that dabbled in museum and exhibition venue design in 2007, is one of the beneficiaries from that. The company that has contributed to the development of lots of striking museums across the country has received more than RMB 10 million of financial support from the local authorities since 2014. The fund has enabled it to develop industry-leading designs and high-tech media tools to “make museums interactive for visitors”, a concept the company counts on to alter the landscape of contemporary museum design.[MORE]

SIP enhances efforts to perfect cultural business ecosystem
SIP is sparing no efforts to promote integrated development of cultural industry and tourism, exhibition and other industries, and encourages local cultural enterprises to enrich their business portfolios for an omni-directional development. This is expected to help further perfect the cultural business ecosystem in the area.

In one example, Xianfeng Games, an online and mobile game design company started out in SIP in 2014, has seen a fast expansion home and abroad with the local authorities’ support. The company broke ground on its headquarters building at Jinshang Road, SIP this July as one of the preparations for the implementation of its global strategy.
“We have entered the markets in countries like Vietnam and... [MORE]