Over 2,700 events to be held this season W020190426624593588781.jpg

The opening ceremony of the 2019 (9th) SIP Reading Season was held at SIP Library on Apr 26, when the “SIP Reading Plan” consisting of over 2,700 events scheduled till the end of the year was released.

Initiated in 2011, SIP Reading Season is held annually in SIP to help local residents develop good reading habits and enrich their life. This year’s event reportedly will see more diversified events held at local bookstores, schools, enterprises and communities as well as more recommended readings.[MORE]

Renowned intellectual talks about contemporary literature

Fan Xiaoqing, a Suzhou-native writer and chairwoman of Jiangsu Writers Association, shared her literary creation experiences and opinions on modern society and life at SIP Library on Apr 26. The event was the fourth session of a cultural dissemination program SIP Public Culture Center launched in January to invite renowned intellectuals to give monthly lectures on different cultures.

It is learnt that Fan began to publish at the age of 25 and has turned out 20 novels and more than 400 novelettes, short stories, proses and essays, and has received a list of the country’s most prestigious literary awards.[MORE]

Newspaper clippings tell stories about SIP

SIP’s 25th Anniversary Newspaper Clipping Exhibition kicked off at Suzhou Dushu Lake Library, SIP on Apr 26. On display are over 150 newspaper clippings that, in six categories, depict SIP’s development trajectory from 1994 to 2019 from different perspectives, covering its inception, local administration, industrial layout, social governance and public services.

According to Qiu Zhen, sub-librarian at the library, some of the exhibits were sourced from the national libraries of China and Singapore, and the exhibition includes interaction activities to help visitors gain a better understanding of SIP.[MORE]

Finals of competition of picture-book-adapted plays conclude

The finals of the 5th SIP Competition of Plays Adapted from Children’s Picture Books were held at Suzhou Dushu Lake Theatre, SIP on May 11. Ten kindergarten teams and ten primary school teams gained the entry to the finals after beating their opponents in the preliminaries with their performance videos and play scripts.

In the event, each of the teams staged a play adapted from an indigenous Chinese picture book, winning the hearts of both the jury panel and the audiences with their lovely performances and touching stories. The winners of the top three places and other awards such as those for “Best Director”, “Best Set Design” and “Best Actor (Actress)” then emerged.[MORE]