SIP-HRSP opens

The opening ceremony of SIP-HRSP was held on Jan 2. At the event, six HR service organizations signed agreements with SIP-HRSP authority to set up their offices in it, amounting the total number of HR service suppliers so far attracted here to 81.

With a planned land area of 139 mu (9.27 hectares), the project consists of three parts, the Phase I project already in operation and the Phase II and III projects to start construction later. SIP-HRSP Co Ltd, a subsidiary of SIP-based comprehensive real estate developer Sungent Group, is in charge of SIP-HRSP's development and operation.

"Greater efforts will be made in the future to lure top-ranking HR service organizations to enrich and optimize the HR services covering consultancy, skill training, professional assessment, service outsourcing, headhunting and on-line recruitment so as to ensure sufficient talent supply for employers and help them save labor cost," said Yin Wei, Chief Operating Officer of the company.[MORE]

A fully integrated HR service ecosystem
A fully integrated HR service ecosystem is forming in SIP-HRSP, with an increase of globally and domestically leading professional agencies that offer a wide range of services from talent recruitment and training to software design for HR management. [MORE]
A modern service park transformed from outdated office buildings
Wandering around SIP-HRSP, the newly opened HR service park dotted with fashionable and artistic architectures, you can hardly find any trace of the outdated office buildings and shabby facilities that used to stand here. Undoubtedly, the renovation project exemplifies a wise and cost-efficient way of using land resources. [MORE]
A unique operation mode with aggregation effect
SIP-HRSP adopts a unique market-oriented operation mode in which SIP-HRSP Co Ltd plays a dominant role in its development and operation with the support from the local government. This enables it to efficiently gather and integrate related resources to help HR service suppliers upgrade their services and enhance their competitiveness. [MORE]