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Overseas Chinese teenagers enjoy a good day in Huxi sub-district  2018-07-17
SIP officials attend training on public culture  2018-07-17
Marketers meet in SIP  2018-07-17
SIP enterprise releases heuristic interaction platform  2018-07-17
Children learn Suzhou dialect and history  2018-07-17
World Population Day events underway in SIP  2018-07-17
WHITR-AP (Suzhou) and XJTLU join hands  2018-07-16
Didi speeds up research and development of smart driving technologies  2018-07-16
SIP restaurant's noodle declared one of Suzhou's top 10 noodles  2018-07-16
IHG wedding exhibition held at Suzhou Center  2018-07-15
H. Brothers' entertainment complex to open on July 23  2018-07-15
12 aeromodeling teams compete at YLPTR  2018-07-15
Hong Kong and Taiwan students experience traditional Chinese culture in SIP  2018-07-15
SIP shares experience in information-based community governance  2018-07-14
SIPYCC children garner first prize in performance competition  2018-07-14
SZSO to tour Taiwan and Japan next month  2018-07-13
"Fireflies" lighten the road to learning for poverty-stricken students  2018-07-13
Public-benefit events thrive  2018-07-13
Salon session on HR services held in SIP  2018-07-12
Summer vacation events spring up  2018-07-12
Subway staff disseminate knowledge on travel safety  2018-07-12
Summit on offshore innovation and entrepreneurship kicks off in SIP  2018-07-12
Spring skill training program concludes  2018-07-12
"Cats" come to Suzhou  2018-07-12
Company donates clothes to needy people  2018-07-11
Beading enthusiasts teach company staff skills  2018-07-11
Summer vacation events to deepen youngsters' understanding of traditional culture  2018-07-11
Interesting summer vacation events start  2018-07-11
High-tech projects displayed at VWIE  2018-07-11
SIP tech outcomes displayed at 10th VWIE  2018-07-11
Art show to enhance residents' awareness of fire prevention  2018-07-10
Cancer experts' roundtable wraps up  2018-07-10
NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute researchers clinch international awards  2018-07-10
Handy services to give residents a leg-up in daily life  2018-07-10
Diverse events to help youngsters develop artistic talents  2018-07-10
Community launches summer vacation program for children  2018-07-10
Cinderella has stepsisters portrayed by men in SBT ballet  2018-07-10
GDPR interpreted in SIP  2018-07-09
Considerate services offered at communities  2018-07-09
Photographic works on display  2018-07-09
Community tries ways to increase environmental protection awareness  2018-07-08
Chinese and American cancer experts gather in SIP  2018-07-08
Yangcheng Lake to have the third tunnel  2018-07-08
Music festival kicks off  2018-07-08
Overseas returnee tells story about his career in SIP  2018-07-07
Elderly students showcase learning results  2018-07-07
Consistent reform helps school achieve remarkable outcomes in French proficiency tests  2018-07-06
Community organizes training for the unemployed  2018-07-06
Little SIOs appointed  2018-07-06
Diverse events to enrich residents' summer life  2018-07-06
Elaborately designed programs to give youngsters new vacation experiences  2018-07-06
Free medical services to show love and care for special families  2018-07-06
Official shows love and care for disease-plagued family  2018-07-05
100 minibuses to come into trial operation in SIP  2018-07-05
Summer vacation events start  2018-07-05
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
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