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SIP launches five-year plan to beautify local water system

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SIP launched a five-year plan this year to beautify the local water system which includes 45 rivers and lakes. 
To achieve the goals under the plan, SIP is pushing on a series of programs aimed at saving water and improving water quality and waterscapes.
On the one hand, SIP encourages local enterprises and residents to develop good water-saving habits and adopt advanced devices to help reduce water consumption. Statistics show that SIP’s water withdrawal for every RMB10,000 of GDP in 2019 was 5.24 cubic meters, far less than that in other areas in East China’s Jiangsu province. 
On the other hand, SIP advocates use of rainwater collection systems in public facilities, residential buildings and industrial plants to store, filter and sterilize rainwater for irrigation, toilet and road cleaning and other usages. It is reported that the annual rainwater consumption in the area is more than 100,000 cubic meters.
Apart from that, SIP is enlarging input in domestic and industrial sewage disposal and recycling, while enhancing management of river and lake banks, including curbing illegal waterside buildings and farming activities.

March 19, 2020