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SIP ready to further promote Sino-Singaporean cooperation  2019-04-12
Huxi authorities campaign to ensure more effective garbage classification  2019-04-10
Another footpath in SIP to open soon  2019-03-27
Event to increase public's awareness of water saving  2019-03-26
SIP-LREPB launches on-line campaign to mark IDF  2019-03-26
Over 80 volunteers take kayaks to clean up Jinji Lake  2019-03-26
Two iconic buildings in SIP go green on St Patrick's Day  2019-03-20
Huxi authorities in action to improve environment  2019-03-12
Jinji Lakeshore Footpath routes to be changed temporarily  2019-03-07
SIP-EMLEO declared "Advanced Team in Ecological Environment Protection"  2019-03-06
SIP holds work conference on urban management  2019-03-04
SIP wins social governance innovation award  2019-03-04
SDLSC Natatorium reopens after maintenance  2019-02-27
Subway Line project sees new progress  2019-02-26
SIP bags seven Suzhou Fitness Awards  2019-02-21
New organic waste disposal plant commissioned  2019-02-20
O-HR's good practices rolled out to other places  2019-02-19
Jinji Lake Tunnel starts construction  2019-02-15
Airline freight station helps improve cargo delivery efficiency  2019-02-12
SIP endeavors to push on its Environmental Management Partners Program  2019-01-28
ASG co-working space opens in SIP  2019-01-23
SIP-based company designated base of SKL-PCRR  2019-01-23
SIPPCC comes into service  2019-01-22
tesa tape expands investment in SIP  2019-01-21
Research institute's 10 high-tech projects pass expert evaluation  2019-01-21
Jinji Lake Tunnel to start construction in March  2019-01-17
Leading officials attend work conference on relocation program  2019-01-16
SIP's state-owned asset supervision services win award in Beijing  2019-01-08
SIP and SU enhance efforts for a public hospital  2019-01-08
SIP-HRSP comes into operation  2019-01-04
SIPURD starts to build a new home for Suzhou CDC  2019-01-04
Streetscape in comprehensive bonded area being beautified  2019-01-04
SIP atop MOFCOM's list of NETDZs  2019-01-04
SIP-BDMC offers training on e-governance to staff and related service teams  2019-01-04
SIP experience to be rolled out to Zhejiang  2019-01-04
DG system installed on factory roofs  2018-12-26
Jinji Lake CBD formally comes into operation  2018-12-25
AIR inaugurates new research arm in SIP  2018-12-24
SIP Port comes into formal operation  2018-12-13
Gates Foundation delegation visits SIP envirotech company for a survey  2018-10-30
Tunneling operations for Subway Line 3 completed  2018-10-25
Rail Transit Line 5 decoration plan made public  2018-10-23
Small integrated chip expected to help improve epidemic control efficiency  2018-10-12
YLPTR holds training session to enhance enterprises' environmental protection awareness  2018-10-10
No. 2 Dushu Lake Tunnel starts construction  2018-10-09
Extension of State Road 312 in SIP starts construction  2018-09-29
SIP's unique service mode wins honor  2018-09-25
Suzhou Rail Transit Line 5's first tunnel completed  2018-09-20
SIP officials conduct field survey on water quality  2018-09-17
CTG delegation gains experience in environmental protection in SIP  2018-09-13
College students doing their bit in environmental projects  2018-09-11
Talent Cultivating Home in SIPYCC unveiled  2018-09-11
Xingtang Street to be possibly extended by over 10 km  2018-08-30
Night inspection launched to control industrial waste gas emissions  2018-08-29
SIP launches program against business-related environmental issues  2018-08-28
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
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