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Meeting held to solicit opinions on development  2017-01-22
TRIRUN visited families in need  2017-01-20
HUWIC settles in SIP  2017-01-19
Yu Dechao awarded science innovator 2016  2017-01-19
SIP enterprise develops micro-nose arsenic removal technology  2017-01-19
Tongcheng Tourism signed strategic cooperation agreement with Kunming Airlines  2017-01-18
SIP LCA 2016 annual meeting held  2017-01-18
JP Morgan medical healthcare conference held in SF  2017-01-18
W Suzhou to open soon  2017-01-17
Beckman Coulter Biotechnology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. opens  2017-01-16
2016 SIPHIA annual meeting held  2017-01-16
Government Circular: On the Closedown of Seagate Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.  2017-01-16
H. Brothers Film Studios & Resorts landmark completed  2017-01-13
SIPEEAG and BioBay solve credentials problem for entrepreneurs of foreign nationalities  2017-01-13
Afton China Technology Center established in SIP  2017-01-12
Huge tariff saved for SIP companies  2017-01-10
SIP holds sports enterprises salon  2017-01-08
Wang Peng selected as AIMBE Fellow  2017-01-06
Nanopolis Suzhou promoted to national level incubator  2017-01-06
Kempinski Hotel Suzhou initiates winter clothing donation  2017-01-04
23 buildings in SIP joins "100 Million Yuan Building" club  2017-01-04
Soochow Securities makes donation to poor students in Guizhou  2017-01-03
China Life's retirement community finishes roof-sealing  2017-01-02
Geek Maker Space officially initiated  2016-12-31
SLCCL invites blind guests to celebrate New Year  2016-12-31
Yuan Fang, Top 10 Suzhou Fascinating Science and Technology People of 2016  2016-12-30
Large numbers of overseas entrepreneurs attracted to Suzhou  2016-12-30
Xu Huimin inspects SIP financial institutions  2016-12-30
Samsung University of Science and Technology inaugurated  2016-12-30
SEE stages first financing road show  2016-12-29
SIPPC and SBCPG sign strategic cooperation agreement  2016-12-28
Public-minded company sends warmth to the elderly  2016-12-28
SIPMSB holds meeting with online retailers  2016-12-28
Xinxin-Merck Cardiovascular Research Fund initiated  2016-12-27
"Chunhui Cup" winning projects seek partners in Suzhou  2016-12-27
China HR Development Summit 2016 held in SIP  2016-12-24
HSRNC's first commercial center opens for business  2016-12-26
Mewfi serves as portable Wi-Fi around the world  2016-12-23
SISDC Phase II goes into operation  2016-12-22
Suzhou sees first innovative drug company go public  2016-12-21
LVMH Group visits SIP for brand protection seminar  2016-12-20
SIP holds training strategy annual meeting  2016-12-20
SICIA annual meeting held in SIP  2016-12-19
Jumei.com East China Operation Center under construction  2016-12-19
InnoCorridor stages annual awarding ceremony  2016-12-19
China (Suzhou) Animation Int'l Cooperation Summit held  2016-12-16
Innovative drugs for diabetics being developed  2016-12-14
"Internet+ University Student Career Festival" Suzhou chapter launched  2016-12-13
China's innovative drug goes global  2016-12-13
Home service robot draws attention  2016-12-12
Summit forum held in SIP  2016-12-09
Services give wings to enterprises  2016-12-09
Nano company promotes SIP nano industry in Russia  2016-12-09
24-hour intelligent drug vending machine born in Suzhou  2016-12-09
1st China OLION Photoelectric Classic kicks off  2016-12-08
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
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