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SIP holds meeting on healthcare  2017-02-08
Xu Huimin inspects Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou)  2017-02-06
Xu Huimin inspects grass-roots work in Xietang  2017-02-05
Xu Huimin sends seasonal greetings to grassroots workers  2017-01-27
SIP leaders visit PLA Suzhou units  2017-01-26
Yang Zhiping inspects production safety  2017-01-26
SIP leaders pay visit to special groups  2017-01-24
Meeting to hear voices from foreign-funded enterprises in SIP  2017-01-24
SIP holds working conference on labor and social security  2017-01-24
First paediatric medical complex founded in SIP  2017-01-22
Singapore guests visited Suzhou  2017-01-20
Residents favor "exchange of firecrackers for plants"  2017-01-18
SIPMSB standardizes enterprises’pricing act  2017-01-16
Number of SIP taxpayers breaks 74,000  2017-01-13
Xu Huimin and SIP delegation visit STSTP  2017-01-13
Xu Huimin and SIP delegation visit SSIP  2017-01-12
Xu Huimin and SIP delegation visit SCP  2017-01-12
SIP Fire Brigade carries out fire safety checks  2017-01-11
CPC SIP Working Committee (Enlarged) Meeting convened  2017-01-11
SIP-Soochow University cooperation pushed to new height  2017-01-11
SIP and Soochow University deepens cooperation  2017-01-10
A donation of 300,000 yuan to children in Syria  2017-01-09
SIP convenes meeting to exchange major issue investigation results  2017-01-08
SIP tax revenue reaches a new high in 2016  2017-01-06
Xu Huimin visits Peking Union Medical College  2017-01-06
Xu Huimin inspects SIP Public Security Sub-Bureau  2016-12-29
YLPTPS suppresses illegal acts of freight vehicles  2016-12-29
Urban management authorities safeguard festival celebrations  2016-12-28
Strict checks against traffic violations  2016-12-27
SMB labor security laws and regulations training held  2016-12-27
Meeting convened in SIP to prepare for SNMWF  2016-12-27
SIPMSA completes food safety assurance work for SQAPF  2016-12-26
Tax breaks amount to 2.5 billion yuan  2016-12-26
Xu Huimin meets with VRG delegation  2016-12-14
SIPFROC convenes second congress  2016-12-19
SIP Overseas Chinese Federation Elects Delegates  2016-12-16
Kowloon Hospital designated as foodborne disease surveillance sentinel hospital  2016-12-15
Xu Huimin inspects SIP's "SOSI" work  2016-12-13
Xu Huimin inspects Samsung Project 819  2016-12-12
OSCAR cooperation agreement formally signed  2016-12-08
SIP boasts over 120,000 registered volunteers  2016-12-06
Xu Huimin inspects three SIP companies  2016-12-03
Suzhou pushes forward "City Cloud" service system construction  2016-12-03
Xu Huimin inspects SIPITZ  2016-12-02
SIP Attends 2016 Social Impact Conference in South Korea  2016-11-30
Minister of Health of Singapore Visits SIP  2016-11-25
Xu Huimin Inspects SIP Subdistricts  2016-11-24
Xu Huimin Inspects Yangchenghu Peninsula Tourist Resort  2016-11-24
Parking Fee Collection System To Go into Effect  2016-11-23
Xu Huimin Inspects Dushu Lake Science & Education Innovation District  2016-11-22
Xu Huimin Appointed as Secretary of SIPWC  2016-11-16
SIP Party Congress Convened  2016-08-15
Wang Xiang Surveys Mass Organization Work  2016-08-09
Wang Xiang Inspects Work of Community Party Working Committees  2016-08-05
Wang Xiang Leads a Survey Team to Shengpu Sub-district  2016-08-03
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
  Suzhou Industrial Park Video  
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