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Suzhou delegation visits Singapore and Indonesia for further cooperation  2019-05-14
Turkish consul general in Shanghai visits SIP  2019-05-09
City government introduces new measures to drive development of biomedicine industry  2019-05-09
MOFCOM training program starts in SIP  2019-05-09
SIP awarded for outstanding performance in quality control  2019-05-08
CPPCC Jiangsu Committee leader visits SIP for survey on education  2019-04-29
SIP Autofill launched  2019-04-24
SIP makes deployment for future development of open economy  2019-04-23
YRD Overseas Investment Promotion Center inaugurated in SIP  2019-04-23
Customs clearance for exports only takes 1.86 hours in SIP  2019-04-23
Suqian officials visit SIP  2019-04-22
Suzhou mayor meets with Aptar executives  2019-04-22
Chinese Consortium shareholders attend SIP’s 25th anniversary celebrations  2019-04-18
SIP’s one-stop registration mechanism being rolled out across province  2019-04-18
Teo Chee Hean: SIP will continue to be a pathfinder in new areas  2019-04-17
SIP: a model for international cooperation  2019-04-17
Chinese and Singaporean officials present at events to mark SIP’s 25th anniversary  2019-04-16
Efficient administrative services win SIP continuous inflow of businesses  2019-04-15
Zhou Naixiang meets with Huawei executives in SIP  2019-04-11
HEDZ officials trained in SIP  2019-04-08
SIP Customs to set up a service platform specific to biomedicine businesses  2019-04-02
SIP endeavors for continuous improvement of administrative services  2019-03-26
Wu Qingwen visits SIPMSG  2019-03-20
SIP holds conference on public finance  2019-03-19
Wu Qingwen visits TV station and archives for a survey on publicity about SIP  2019-03-14
"SIP experience" to be upgraded  2019-03-14
SIP's comprehensive bonded area develops toward a highland for reform and opening-up  2019-03-13
CPC Suzhou Committee secretary visits SIP  2019-03-12
YRDRCO delegation visits SIP  2019-03-11
Malaysian MITI Minister Darell Leiking visits SIP  2019-03-08
Wu Qingwen meets with JTC Corporation executives  2019-03-06
SIP seeing a thriving development  2019-02-22
Chinese and Singaporean officials discuss cooperation in software development and application  2019-02-18
Tax bureau staffers expound on tax policies to enterprise  2019-02-12
A*STAR delegation visiting SIP  2019-01-16
SIP-SIHFMC's reform in unemployment insurance services widely acclaimed  2019-01-16
Enterprise Singapore delegation visits SIP  2019-01-10
SIP's cloud data center honored "Excellent IT Project"  2019-01-09
Efficient implementation of foreign investment management rules in SIP  2019-01-07
Wu Qingwen meets with Singapore's ambassador to China  2019-01-07
SIP's information-based governance practices widely shared  2019-01-02
Administrative staff gain better service ability in training  2018-12-26
SIP's information platform receives honor  2018-12-18
SIP tightens ties with Singaporean partners  2018-11-22
One-stop registration service for foreign-funded enterprises promoted in SIP  2018-10-12
SIP officials attend JCBCM in Singapore  2018-09-26
On-line business license application service launched in SIP  2018-08-06
SIP-based company's QCCs bag multiple awards  2018-08-03
SIP surveying and mapping company wins award for technology advancement  2018-07-27
SZFTU officials show care and love for people working outdoors  2018-07-26
SU researchers discover new radio-immunity therapy against cancers  2018-07-23
SIPCF council meeting held  2018-06-11
All efforts to push on environmental improvement actions  2018-05-02
New pension insurance mode to be piloted in SIP  2018-04-23
SIP gives special rewards to talents  2018-03-20
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
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