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The City's Biggest Tea House Welcomes You to Enjoy Best Tea & Food

Higher is a low-profile brand that recently opened the biggest tea house in the city by Jinji Lake on the second floor of Hubin Building at Hubin Avenue in Suzhou Industrial Park. You can enjoy the best tea and the lake view here while chatting with friends.

The lobby has dark grey brick floor, typical Chinese columns, red-brown lattice window, and elegant screens. The place is warm and cozy, decorated with yellow palace lanterns. Yet metal ornaments and European wall lamps also add a touch of modernity to the otherwise typical Chinese decoration, creating a harmonious and chic space.

Covering a floor area of 3,000 square meters, the house has 60 seats and six private rooms of different sizes catering for four to thirty customers. In this sense, this is the biggest tea house in Suzhou.

Royal Pu'er, Earl Grey, and Premium Keemun Red, you can always get your cup of tea here no matter what kind of tea is your favorite. According to the manager of the tea house, they follow strict procedures in choosing the most qualified tea suppliers and have all the tea sets designed and custom-made.

There is a small yet exquisite stage with curved eaves and wooden brackets in the middle of the main hall and the programs available every night include local performing arts of pingtan and Kunqu Opera.

The business hour is 11am to 10pm every day, serving tea and dim sum. At the food corner, chefs are busy making various snacks with the chosen fresh ingredients, including cold and hot dishes, local snacks, and desserts. The average spending is less than 60 yuan for one person.

The restaurant is on trial business right now and will be open early next year.

December 27, 2010 

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