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Hong Kong ICAC Delegation Visits SIP

Hong Kong ICAC delegation headed by Mr. Mr Timothy Tong Hin-ming, Commissioner of ICAC HK, visited Suzhou Industrial Park on Dec. 21. Huang Jiyue, Vice-chairman of Sipac and Secretary of SIP Political and Judicial Party Committee, and Xue Pangen, Chief SIP Procurator, met the delegation respectively and briefed the delegation on the development of SIP and the work of SIP Procuratorate. The two sides had an exchange of views on matters of mutual concerns and decided to strengthen future exchange and cooperation. During its stay in SIP, the ICAC delegation visited Chongyuan Monastery and presented an inscription to SIP Procuratorate in praise of the latter's devotion to work, which reads: "Impartial, upright, harmonious, and innovative".

Dec. 24, 2007

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