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Suzhou Launches 10,000-Mb Ethernet Switch Chips

The first Ipv4/v6 2-port Ethernet switch chips, the "Bay" chips, were successfully produced through research and development at Centec Networks Company in SIP with complete independent intellectual property right.

The designing scale of the chip involves 11 million circuits and 0,13u high-speed CMOS chip and the sophisticated process can be compared to that of Pentium IV chips. The technical performance of the chips has surpassed those of Cisco Systems of USA. The routers based on these chips were put into stable operation at SIP Int’l Science Park Phase 4 and Dushu Lake Higher Education Town earlier in October. At present, Malaysian Telecom, UT Starcom, Alcatel, and other companies have signed intent to purchase these chips.

Dec. 17, 2007

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