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Saflex PVB Project Enters SIP

The American-invested Saflex PVB (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., the first production base invested in China by the American-owned Saflex Inc., held an opening ceremony on Sept. 21 to celebrate the completion of its new workshops in Weiting Township. The company will mainly manufacture polyvinyl butyral (PVB) of Saflex brand with an annual capacity of 10 million square meters.

Saflex is a world leader in the production and sales of PVB, which claims over 50% share of the global market. The PVB is used to make laminated glass in the auto industry, in which a layer of Saflex protective interlayer is bonded together between two panes of glass under heat and pressure to improve the safety performance of glass and reduce the radiation of sunlight and noise.

Sept. 22, 2007

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