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Patent Application in SIP: an Eruption Phenomenon

In the first 7 months of the year, SIP registered 737 applications for patent rights, of which 309 inventions comprised over 30% of the total. The applications so far have equaled that of the whole of 2006. By August, SIP-IPR Service Center formally went into operation with the combined functions of information service, agent service, evaluation and transaction, and complaint. The Center is taking up the role of an adequate IPR public service platform in coordinating the efforts to build SIP into a "petty Silicon Valley" and a place of concentration of technology-oriented enterprises.

Since 2004, patent application in SIP has been increasing at an annual eruption rate of over 60%, and after SIP was designated by National IPR Bureau as "a national IPR experimentation park" in April 2006, the annual application for patent rights soared above 1,000 for the first time, while 30% of them belonged to inventions and doubled the percentage of that in the whole municipality.

The fast increase of patent application in SIP has a close bearing on the constant improvement of SIP's capability in IPR management and protection. The SIP-IPR Service Center possesses is equipped with a similar databank as that of the national bureau for patent information and analytical data with real-time updating. Enterprises can use the databank freely to search for patent information from millions of entries provided by IPR organizations of China, Japan, USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, and World IPR Organization and European IPR Agency.

The Center also provided free data analysis service, which enables enterprises to build up their own specialized products databank to be constantly informed of technological development trend in the related fields. Besides, the Center offers services in patented technology transfer, IPR training, legal consulting and assistance. 

At present, SIP has built up three major systems of IPR management, law and service, so that the IPR public service platform functions on the administrative, judicial, and policy-backup levels. SIP is now planning to institute "SIP IPR Court" within SIP People's Court. This year, SIP has appropriated 10 million RMB to award the patent applicants and to assist enterprises and individuals in IPR disputes.

Sept. 10, 2007

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