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Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park Attracts 2 Billion RMB Investment in 6 Months

The first group of 8 invested enterprises in Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park signed official agreement on Aug. 22, after 6 months’ preparations, totaling 2 billion RMB in investment. Right after the signing of agreements, construction commencement ceremonies were held respectively by Hengli Group, Langlifu Technology Park, Tianyi Building Materials, Tianfan Machinery, and Standard Workshops of SSIP. Qiu He, Vice-governor of Jiangsu Province, Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, Cao Fulong, Executive Member of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Executive Vice-mayor of Suzhou, and leaders of Suqian Municipality attended the signing ceremony and laid the foundation stones for the construction sites.

The first 8 enterprises to enter SSIP are Hengli Industrial Park, Linghui Solar Energy, Maide Technology, Baofu Light Industry, Yitian Technology, Langlifu Technology Park, and Chuangyuan Sewer Treatment Plant.

5 of the projects are foreign-invested and 3 domestically invested, totaling 284.5 million US dollars (or 150 million HK dollars or 240 million RMB). The projects fall into the technological categories of light and textile industry, medical and health care, auto parts, new building materials, new emerging energy, and environmental protection facilities. A German-owned enterprise from Suzhou also donated 200,000 RMB to the urban district of Suqian for the construction of "Hope Primary School".

As a major cooperation project between Suzhou and Suqian municipalities, the SSIP has completed the master-plan and detailed planning for the 10.92-km2 area in water supply, drainage, fire prevention, telecommunication, steam supply, gas supply, environmental protection and sew system. The first-phase infrastructure construction started out earlier in June with budgeted 220-million-RMB investment. The phase-1 standard workshops, 120,000 square meters in floor space and 120 million RMB in cost, are now under construction, and will accommodate 60 SMEs upon completion.

Based on the concept of construction and management of Suzhou Industrial Park, SSIP has strategically positioned itself as an industrial zone of concentrated industrial transfer, leading factor of external-oriented economy, structural innovation experimentation, and demonstration of modern new urban district, and has therefore attracted many domestic and overseas enterprises of wide reputation. Hengli Group, for instance, invested US$ 200 million, and Langlifu declared to build its global plant in SSIP.

By the construction goal of SSIP, the business revenue will reach over 1.5 billion RMB, financial revenue 80 million by 2009, import and export volume over US$30 million, and fixed industrial assets over 1 billion RMB, and in the ensuing years, the major economic targets will grow at an annual rate of 40%.

Aug. 23, 2007

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