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Suzsoft Secures 48-million-dollar US Investment

SIP-based Suzsoft recently obtained an overseas investment of US$ 48 million from Francisco Partners, the world's largest technology investment company. The sum is so far the biggest overseas investment in China's outsourced software industry, the previous investment never exceeding US$ 30 million.

Suzsoft (SIP) Co., Ltd. has grown into a leading software and IT outsourced service company in China in a matter of few years since its founding 4 years ago. The outsourced IT technology and commercial procedure services provided by Suzsoft include software system development, maintenance and testing, the localization and globalization of software products, IT system consulting and implementation, PLM and SAP systems consulting and service, outsourced personnel, etc. Its customers group is made up of Boeing, Microsoft, IBM, GE, and Nokia, etc. Suzsoft was merged with American Darwin software Inc. last year, but its main R&D team remains in China.

As Tang Jiecai, President of Suzsoft, points out, the huge investment by Francisco Partners is an indication of the confidence of the overseas capital in the ever-growing outsourced software industry in China. He contributed the investment to the superior internationalized team of his company, made up with talents from USA, Germany, India, UK, and Philipines  besides China, and the overall development environment of Suzhou.

The investment will be used to acquire some related companies to boost the capacity of the company. At present, Suzsoft is chiefly oriented to the service of American and European companies, and about 85% of its business come from USA. The next objective is to expand outsourced business on the Japanese market.

Aug. 16, 2007

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