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FamilyMart Network Extends to Suzhou

Following the opening of two branch stores in Solectron Company of Suzhou earlier in March, FamilyMart was formally registered at SIP Bureau of Industry and Commerce, and established Suzhou FamilyMart Convenient Store Co., Ltd. as an act of continued chain deployment on the Chinese market.

FamilyMart is intending to employ the operation and management experience gained in Shanghai to uplift its profile and brand name, and to develop the regional business in the east coastal region.

The Shanghai FamilyMart was founded in 2004 and has grown into a chain of 108 stores well received by the customers, especially the fresh foods, bread and rice, etc. By the end of June, the average daily sales per store have increased by 20%. In Guangzhou, FamilyMart has set up 5 stores.

The Japan-based FamilyMart is currently the second largest global convenient store chain, with an operating history of 26 years in Asia. Suzhou FamilyMart, the seventh base after those in Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Shanghai, USA, and Guangzhou, is part of the overall effort of FamilyMart towards the 20,000 Pan-Pacific stores.

July 31, 2007

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