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Qinyuan Plaza of Neighborhood Center Perfects Service Items

Qinyuan Plaza, opened on May 30 as the 6th mansion of Neighborhood Center, has added to its 12 ever-present service item the functions of culture, leisure, and training.

Photos showing the original functions:

The 12 service functions of Neighborhood Center are: supermarket, bank, restaurant, laundry, drugstore, stationery, repair shop, cultural and sports center, fresh foods store, and clinic, all available at Qinyuan Plaza.

Address: 2nd floor, Qinyuan Plaza.

Fitness Gym: Training in ** and dance for both children and adults.

The training center at Qinyuan Plaza is on the third floor, with a floorage of 4,000m2 for trainings in ACC international certification, "I Can Read" language, ballet, piano, and vocal arts. A Korean language training center is also underway.

June 11, 2007

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