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Suzhou Software Testing Center Listed as Major Provincial Project

Jiangsu Provincial Administration of SMEs lately announced a list of 19 major public technological service platforms catering for small and medium enterprises, on which the only one from Suzhou is Suzhou Software public service platform under construction by Suzhou Software Testing Center.

Being the institution for the construction, operation, and maintenance of SIP Int'l Science Park (Suzhou Software Park) Public Technological Service Platform, Suzhou Software Testing Center is charged with the responsibility to provide software testing, information monitoring, training to ensure product quality of software enterprises in Suzhou. The special attention accorded to the platform by the provincial announcement is an extension of the existing functions of the platform, embracing software development, quality assurance, animation industry, enterprise informatization service, training, set-in sub-platforms, etc.

Over three years' efforts, Suzhou Software Testing Center has emerged as one of the most influential institutions on East China for software quality assurance and promotion of local software industry. By March 2007, the Center had organized or attended to a total of 543 items of software registration and test, 99 items of software technology tests, 28 items of information monitoring, 34 seminars, and 82 training days. In collaboration with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and other original developers of international renown, the enter has not only improved its service capabilities, but also brought in the latest technologies of software industry as well as opportunities of financing and market expansion.

Fostered under the special attention of the Provincial Bureau of SMEs, the Center will further intensify its efforts in the construction of the platform and play a major role in the crucial stage of development for Suzhou's software industry.

April 29, 2007

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