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Austrian Minister of Labor and Economy Visits Suzhou

Zhou Weiqiang, Executive Member of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Vice-mayor of Suzhou, met Austrian delegation headed by Mr. Martin Bartenstein, Minister of Labor and Economy, on the morning of March 26.

Having expressed welcome to the Austrian guests, Zhou Weiqiang says that Suzhou has always been known as an "earthly paradise", and in the vigorously growing external-oriented economy, Suzhou has become a focus of overseas investment. At present, the number of foreign-invested enterprises has exceeded 13,000, of which 28 come from Austria. The vice-mayor assured the Austrian guests that Suzhou welcomes investment by Austrian entrepreneurs and will provide good pro-business service in all aspects.

Martin Bartenstein says that Suzhou, and SIP in particular, has left him a deep impression, and believes that as the bilateral trade relations between China and Austria develops in depth, more and more Austrian enterprises will come to invest in cities like Suzhou.

After their meeting, Zhou Weiqiang and Minister Martin Bartenstein attended the opening ceremony of Miba Precision Components (China) Co., Ltd., the subsidiary of an Austrian family enterprise, a strategic partner and components supplier of international engine and auto manufacturing industry.

March 27, 2007

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