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Chinese and Foreign Women Celebrate International Women's Day at Gala Gathering

On the afternoon of March 8, about 400 Chinese and expatriate women in SIP gathered at Modern Auditorium to celebrate the International Women's Day. The event was organized by SIP Bureau of Social Development, and Pan Yunguan, Deputy secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, delivered a speech at the meeting, Also present at the occasion were Tie Ling, Vice-chairperson of Municipal Women's Federation, Sun Yanyan and Xia Fang, members of SIP Party Working Committee, and Hua Xuexing and Liu Xia, leaders of SIP Bureau of Social Development.

About 400 Chinese and expatriate women gather to celebrate their festival.

Wish mothers a happy festival!

The whole family are here.

A highlight of the celebration meeting is the demonstration of Chinese and expatriate women's cultural talent. Women from UK, Australia, Singapore, and other countries performed the northern Chinese folk dance, "Yang Ge Dance", while residents from SIP communities sang foreign songs. Indian girl students from Dushu Lake Higher Education Town presented their national dance. Women from Shengpu Township, while performing the "Lian Xiang Dance", invited several expatriate women on stage and taught them the dance movement on the spot. Their show won warm applause from the audience. The exchange and promotion of friendship at the meeting fully demonstrated the harmonious atmosphere and social progress made by both Chinese and foreign women in SIP.

Each performs in the other country's art forms.

Show our own national dance.

Women from Shengpu Township teaches "Lian Xiang" dance on stage.

As part of the March 8 celebration activities, SIP Bureau of Social Development organized discussions among retired women workers from SIP, and West Lake Community Women's Working Committee sponsored get-together "My Life in SIP", in which expatriate women introduced their life and experience in SIP. The various townships and communities also organized celebration events of different features. In Loufeng Township, a special recruitment meeting was held to offer women applicants 1,180 jobs from 50 enterprises. Women's cultural troupes in Weiting and Shengpu Townships presented cultural performances on squares to entertain women residents.

March 9, 2007

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