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Suzhou Dushu Lake Higher Education Town to Build a 10-Km2 "Arial Net"

SIP Education Development and Investment Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Branch of Jiangsu Telecommunication Co., Ltd. signed the project agreement on joint construction of "wireless higher education town" at Dushu Lake area. The latter (Suzhou Telecom) presented a set of research equipment to Suzhou wireless network key laboratory located in the higher education town to carry out advanced technological research in mobile calculation, safe packaged switch network access, mobile Internet monitoring, and other applications.

The construction of wireless network in Dushu Lake Higher Education Town was started up at the end of 2004, and over 300 access points have been completed so far with a coverage of 3 square kilometers. The ultimate aim is to build the network to cover the whole of 10 square kilometers with wireless networking, positioning and RFID techhology combined to form a comprehensive networking platform and an ever-present information network. According definitions of duties in the cooperation project, SIP Education Development and Investment Co., Ltd. is charged to fulfill indoor wireless coverage, whereas the telecom enterprise has the responsibility to take care of the public areas.

Jan. 24, 2007

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