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SIP Service Guiding Funds Assist Logistics Growth

Daejeon, Suzhou Bondex Nisshin Logistic Co., Ltd., Eternal Asia Supply Chain, JHJ, Suzhou Delta International Logistics Co., Ltd., and other third-party logistics enterprises in SIP Bonded Logistics Center lately received service sector guiding funds for the year 2006 from SIP government with the assistance of SIP Bonded Logistics Center Management Office. Encouraged by the government support, these logistics enterprises are looking forward to further growth in the new year with renewed confidence.

SIP saw remarkable progress in logistic operation In 2006. Suzhou Logistics Center was awarded the title of "major logistics base of Jiangsu Province", and SIP Customs Clearance Co., Ltd. and other 3 enterprises were elected the first major logistics enterprises in Suzhou. SIP Power Supply Bureau showed support for the development of logistics industry by giving special electricity price, the equivalent of common industrial power consumption price, to Suzhou Logistics Center. SIP authorities and departments concerned are taking all measures to foster an all-round logistic platform to speed up the growth of third-party logistics services represented byVMI and DC operations, and supply chain management.

Jan. 9, 2007

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