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Suzhou-based Yili Group to Dominate East China Dairy Market

On the morning of Dec. 26, the first-phase project of Yili Group Suzhou Company was completed to announce the birth of the dairy production base in Suzhou with the most advanced automation level and cannery equipment and the largest daily production capacity in China. Cao Fulong, Executive Member of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor of Suzhou, and Pan Gang, Chairman of Yili Group, attended the day’s celebration activity for the production commencement.

The Yangtze delta region being one of the most vibrant economic regions in China with great consumption potential, the geographical advantage of Suzhou will effectively reduce the cost of shipment and storage of dairy products demanded in the region, and Yili Group, based in Suzhou, will be able to supply all the demands for dairy products in the whole of East China market.

The first-phase project, which tolls 280 million RMB investment, consists of 12 all-automatic production lines with a capacity of over 100,000 tons of yogurt in some 80 varieties annually. The all-in-one market operation, from production to sales, will ensure supplies of less expensive dairy products for the high demands of customers in East China.

In cooperation with Valio Company of Finland, Yili Group has obtained the franchised use of LGG, the best of all bacteria agent in the world, to produce top-quality yogurt with high added value for the high-level market in East China. When the Suzhou project reaches full production capacity, it will bring about coordinated development in the local animal husbandry and transportation industry.

Dec. 26, 2006


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