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Master Plan of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park
Approved through Experts' Evaluation

On the afternoon of Dec. 20, Suqian Municipal Government held an evaluation meeting on the master plan of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park, presided over by Xu Huimin, Executive Deputy Mayor of Suqian, to solicit suggestions and comments of experts, with the attendance of municipal leaders Zhang Xinshi, Miao Ruilin, Li Jiye, and Chen Julan, etc.

Experts at the meeting reviewed the master plan of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park and had in-depth discussions in the light of the specific conditions in Suqian. The meeting was concluded with unanimous on-principle approval of the master plan, drafted to conform to the master plan of Suqian Municipality and by drawing upon the successful experience and advanced concepts of Suzhou Industrial Park with clear definition of functions and rational design of public areas and green grounds.

Suqian Municipal Party Secretary Zhang Xinshi pointed out that the start-up and construction of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park was an important part of the regional development strategy formulated by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and government to achieve greater breakthroughs in Suqian's economy, as well as the fruit of close cooperation between Suzhou and Suqian. He said that planning should be taken as the soul and leading factor in the work to build Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park into a demonstration zone of industrial clusters of comprehensive development, a zone of mechanism innovation, and a modern new urban district.

Zhang emphasized that the principle of "no planning, no development" must be observed in the development and construction of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park, and the master plan should be made to cover the whole area to pave the way for gradual and orderly progress of the development. He compared Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park to the "miniaturized version" of Suzhou Industrial Park, and called on efforts from all quarters to build Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park into a modernized industrial park by cloning SIP.

Zhang Xinshi demanded all government departments of Suqian to act immediately to establish a working mechanism in service of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park, and ensure quality of marketing for investment so as to maintain sustainable development capability.

Dec. 21, 2006

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