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"Neighborhood Center" Brand Name Extends in Series

A breakthrough was lately made in trademark registration after submitting the application for three sub-trademarks, "Neighborhood Fresh Food", "Neighborhood Holiday", and "Neighborhood 1+1", at the National Administration of Industry and Commerce, with their VI systems completed. The brand name strategy is now on full swing to raise the core competitiveness of SIP Neighborhood Center Development Co., Ltd., and it is believed that the series of Neighborhood Center services will be linked more closely with the life in millions of homes.

Following the successful trademark registration for the corporate image of Neighborhood Center in 2000, the sub-items of services under the brand name of Neighborhood Center have been designed in words and pattern to cover hotel accommodations, F&B, and business administration with full consideration of marketing and promotion feasibility, unique personality, and lawful self-protection against infringement.

The words and designs of Neighborhood Center have been registered in 100 service items under 10 categories, and according "Trademark Law", no unit or individuals can, unless authorized, use the words "Neighborhood Center" conspicuously without being held responsible for infringement of rights. In 2005, Neighborhood Center was approved by Jiangsu Province as a famous brand. Further registration porcess for special service items such vegetable market, Chinese-style fast food, and economy hotel is now being stepped up.

The formation of system is the key in brand name strategy of Neighborhood Center. The establishment of sub-names will only bring about the upgrading of service concept and mode, but also promote the scaled capital operation and charter new path in market competition for better economic results.

Dec. 15, 2006

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