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Paid-up Foreign Investment Exceeds USD 10 Billion
in Jiangsu's Economic Development Zones for This Year

Report from Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau reveals that from January to October this year, the paid-up investment capital in the 126 economic development zones of all levels in the province has exceeded USD 10 billion for the first time on the yearly basis, reaching USD 10.8 billion in a record high since the establishment of development zones in Jiangsu and comprising 75.4% of the total paid-up foreign capital in the whole province.

Suzhou Industrial Park and Wuxi Hi-tech Development Zone rank the first and the second respectively among various economic development zones of Jiangsu Province by hitting USD 1.42 billion and USD 1.12 billion in paid-up foreign investment. The vigorous development drive along the Yangtze River valley has brought about unprecedented growth opportunities to the development zones along the Yangtze. The two development zones in Qidong and Haimen have both reached USD 210 million. The newly approved 45 provincial-level development zones are also showing a strong momentum in attracting foreign investment. Kunshan Hi-tech Development Zone reported USD 190 million paid-up foreign investment capital this year, and that of Taizhou USD 120 million.

Nov. 28, 2006


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