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Microsoft Senior Lauds Infrastructure
of SIP Int'l Science Park

Mr. Sanjay Parthasarathy, Senior Global Vice-president of Microsoft Corporation who came to Suzhou to attend Microsoft Enterprises Summit, spoke highly of the world-class infrastructure of SIP International Science Park, and confirmed that this would markedly improve the level of Suzhou's cooperation with global software enterprises.

At the press release of Microsoft Enterprises Summit held in the International Science Park, Mr. Sanjay Parthasarathy told the reporters, “You might wonder why Microsoft has chosen SIP International Science Park as the location for SaaS incubator. There are basically two reasons: the high-standard infrastructure here, and the powerful support of the local government.”

On the eve of the Microsoft Summit, Mr. Sanjay Parthasarathy and his colleagues visited SIP International Science Park, and were deeply impressed with the adequate facilities and high-standard public technological service platform, and specially the operation status of the allied Microsoft laboratory set up at the end of last year.

Presently, over 150 software enterprises have entered SIP International Science Park, including those involved in contract software, digital and interactive entertainment, industrial application software, and system integration development and production. Among them are 68 enterprises, which have been authenticated by the State. The total output value of these enterprises in 2005 amounted to 3.62 billion RMB, in which contracted software made up 30 million US dollars, and animation industry 200 million RMB.

The achievements have a close bearing on the government support. According Xinhua News Agency, SIP government has in recent years appropriated hundreds of millions RMB to build the international science park and Dushu Lake Higher Education Town as carriers of science and technology development. SIP has gradually effected a situation of independent innovation and adaptation and digestion of outside technologies.

Oct. 13, 2006


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