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SIP Neutral Water Recycling Project to Function in Mid-October

The "recycled neutral water" is an exploration project in recycled economy and in building up an energy-saving, environment-friendly society for sustainable development. With the support of SIP environmental protection authorities, SIP Qingyuan Hong Kong & China Water Co., Ltd. and SIP Lantian Gas and Heat Co., Ltd. have made a breakthrough in the cooperation project of recycling neutral water, and the project will be commissioned in the middle of October.

The recycling system of the sewer treatment plant of Qingyuan Company is designed by Nanjing Urban Utility Designing and Research Institute to suit the actual demands and the property of water, which cost investment of 3 million RMB by Qingyuan and 1.5 million RMB by Lantian pipeline Division. The sewer water, after treatment, was disinfected by ultraviolet and micro-filtered, and pumped to the heating unit of Lantian Company with a daily volume of 10,000 tons. Chemical tests show that the water meets the water quality requirements for "supplementary cycling water for cooling by national standards".

Lantian Company has previously organized surveys and drafted strict technical plans for the internal system operation for utilizing the neutral water. The trial operation has proved be smooth and cost-effective, as the calculation shows that the operation cost of the recycling system using neutral water is only 45% of those in Beijing, Tianjin, and Baotou, etc.

Oct. 12, 2006


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