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Xincheng Neighborhood Center Puts on New Look

Over two months' speedy renovation since early July has given a brand new look to Neighborhood Center of Xincheng Mansion, reopening on the eve of National Day.

Revolving gate, escalators, glossed outer walls are some of the latest improvements at the center, and more rational deployment is made in business services. Huarun supermarket, Li'an drug store, Lijing photographer's, Jingyi glasses store, small electrical appliances store, dental clinic, and Windsor laundry, etc. make up the 12 functions of the neighborhood center and make the life of the residents easier.

O-SROR store, introduced into the center to facilitate the life of expatriates living in the surrounding quarters, deals in foodstuffs daily necessities, and manicure shop, Holyland Bakery, Starbucks will also join in the center.

The nest step will be readjustment of businesses on the second floor, to be devoted to franchised stores in better community service.

Lottery stores will be opened on the ground floor for sports and welfare lottery.

Sept. 28, 2006


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