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eMEX: 50 Enterprises on the Waiting List

30 Workdays away from 2006 China Suzhou Electronic IT Exposition, the 1,600 exhibition stands have all been booked by participating enterprises, and the organizer is still receiving applications everyday. Over 50 enterprises have to applied to be on the waiting list.

The coming eMEX, an event for the second year of the '3-year goal' under the principle of 'world-wide reputation, international participation, China's top event, and citizens' festival'. Application has been active since May, and so far, 518 enterprises have been approved to the exhibition with 1,622 booths, which increased by 12.36% and 31.98% respectively over those of last year. About 20% of the exhibitors come from Japan, Korea, Europe and  America, apart from those in Mainland China and Taiwan. More than 80% of the participants are exhibitors of previous shows.

Sept. 14, 2006


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