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He Jian and National Chip Jointly Launch Highly Integrated Chips

He Jian Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and National Chip Co., Ltd. of Hangzhou made a joint announcement on July 26 to declare the successful mass production at He Jian facility of the highly integrated GX6101 chips for satellite TV reception and decoding systems.

GX6101 chips represent the first domestically produced high-integration chips for satellite digital TV reception and decoding systems, developed on the basis of the successfully proven GX1101 chips by adding video DAC, audio DAC, high-performance 32-digit set-in CPU, MPEG2-TS, MPEG2 video-audio decoding unit, and post treatment unit, etc., to realize true process of channel reception + info source decoding SOC. The marked reduction in chip cost and development cost will have a direct impact on the market of set-up box in the near future.

"Hangzhou National Chip has established very pleasant relations of cooperation with He Jian since the founding of our company, and the all-round technical support and service from He Jian have ensured the success of our product development and trial production in the project," said Mr. Wang Kuang, GM of National Chip Co. "As our business grows, our cooperation with He Jian will become closer and our market share will surely rise in scale and strength."

Mr. Cao Xiaozhong, Vice-president of He Jian, commented: "Hangzhou National Chip is our major client, and we take great delight in the close cooperation in turning our the competitive product. Our strategic cooperation has created a win-win result for both of us."

July 27, 2006


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