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The First Evaluation Report on Development Zones in Jiangsu Published

The evaluation report on the construction of development zones in the whole of Jiangsu for the year 2005 was officially publicized on May 9 by Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Foreign Economy and Trade. The report shows that more and more development zones in Jiangsu are growing with momentum and good quality.

78 development zones are involved in the evaluation: 11 national-level and 57 provincial-level economic zones. The comprehensive evaluation breaks down in 6 categories (economic strength, technological capability, level of opening up, level of integrated development, environment situation, social development) with 27 specific targets. 12 development zones scored more than 300 points, including 8 national-level development zones, which are located in Suzhou, Wuxi, and Nanjing in southern Jiangsu. Suzhou Industrial Park leads far ahead on top of the list, ranking the first in 12 of the 27 3-tier events. Those scoring 200 to 300 points, rated as "with fairly high level of construction", are mostly located in municipalities under direct provincial administration, a fact that major cities are the mainstay of development zones. 17 economic development zones are rated "relatively low standard of development", which lie in the central and northern parts of Jiangsu. In the item of "development speed", there is no striking contrast among the various zones. Huishan Economic Development Zone of Wuxi, is evaluated to grow with the fastest speed, about 2.4 times over the least developed. In the first 30 development zones in terms of speed, 12 are in central Jiangsu, 7 in northern Jiangsu, comprising 57% and 44% respectively of those in these regions.

May 11, 2006

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