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IC Industry in SIP Boasts US$ 6 Billion Investment

As was revealed from SIP Conference on Technological Innovation, the IC industry in SIP, which occupied an area of 3 per 100,000 of the country, turned out 16% of the revenue of IC industry of China. The latest information from the Municipal IC Industrial Association shows that the sales revenue of IC industry in SIP went beyond 10 billion RMB for the first time in 2005, reaching 11.35 yuan RMB, surpassing that of Beijing and Tianjin. SIP has become China’s second largest IC base, next only to Shanghai.

The investment in IC and related enterprises has amounted to 6 billion US dollars since the start of SIP development. An IC industrial chain has been formed with dozens of globally known enterprises of IC designing, MPW manufacturing, and IC testing, supported by equipment, material and service industries. Within SIP, there are some 30 IC designing enterprises, like Macronix, Realte, Kingtek, Suzhou Hitics Microelectronics, Samsung Semiconductor (China) R&D Co., Ltd., Zhong Ke IC designing Center, etc. In chip manufacturing, the second production line of HeJian Technology has begun mass-producing 8-inch chips. In assembling and final testing, SIP is currently the most technologically advanced base with the greatest density of testing enterprises and talents in China. In addition, backup enterprises in material supply, auxiliary services, and cleaning and maintenance make up the adequate chain of IC chain in SIP reduce the cost of manufacturing operation remarkably.

In 2005, 4 IC designing enterprises and 3 assembling and testing enterprises were added in SIP, and 6 enterprises in SIP have passed the authentication for IT designing enterprises by the state. IC designing enterprises in SIP achieved sales revenue of 160 million yuan RMB, MPW manufacturing enterprises 8.94 billion yuan RMB, and assembling and testing enterprises 2.25 billion yuan RMB, increasing 45.5%, 19%, and 39.7% respectively.

The plan for the next 3 to 5 years in developing IC industry in SIP will be to build up specialized incubation base, to improve industrial technological platform, to introduce and train semiconductor talents, to smooth financing channels, to set up a agency service system, to put into full play the advantageous policies of bonded logistics center, to introduce concept of cycling economy, and to perfect the development environment for IC industry, so as to build up a stronger industrial chain. SIP expects to introduce another 2 or 3 MPW manufacturing enterprises to form 8-10 production lines, foster 5 or more designing companies with 100 million yuan annual avenue each, and to uplift the scale and standard of testing enterprises.

Apr. 6, 2006

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