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Container Train Goes from Suzhou to Shenzhen

The first through container train between the Yangtze delta and the Pearl River delta regions
The train will be extended from Suzhou to Hong Kong in the coming June
Transportation line from Suzhou to Shanghai Yangshan is being planned

On 10:20 AM, March 25, the container train sounded its siren as it left Suzhou West Station for Shenzhen North Station, signaling the official opening of the first through container railway transportation line between the two economic "giants", a historic breakthrough in the Suzhou-Shenzhen logistic line. Yan Li, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Suzhou, made a speech at the opening ceremony, which was presided over by Zhou Weiqiang, Member of Standing Committee and Vice-mayor of Suzhou, and attended by Liu Lianqing, Director of Shanghai Railway Bureau.

Since Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Pearl River delta region are the major destinations for logistics operation of Suzhou, the daily freight has amounted to 860 standard containers, of which sea shipment makes up 80%, air cargo 11%, and highway transportation 9%. The fast increase of logistic operations between the Yangtze delta and the Pearl River delta regions demands cuts on the cost of transportations. The traditional modes of air, sea, and highway shipment is falling far behind the daily-increasing demands for freight, and a new way of logistic operation is in urgent need. Now, with the approval by the Ministry of Railway Transportation, three container trains will be shuttling between Suzhou West and Shenzhen North on round trips every week. Time of departure from Suzhou West is 21:10 hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the time of arrival at Shenzhen North is 18:04 hours on the third day. Time of departure from Shenzhen North is 21:03 hours on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and time of arrival at Suzhou West is 18:58 hours on the third day. Mayor Yan Li pointed out in his speech that this golden transportation line had opening up a new way of highly efficient, cost-effective, and safe freight transportation for the Yangtze delta and Pearl River delta regions, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in response to the demands of economic growth and cooperation of these regions in a win-win situation. The line will be a powerful support for the open-type of economy of our city.

Following the opening of this container railway transportation line, a special through logistic line will be opened between Suzhou and Hong Kong, so that freight goods will be directly shipped to Hong Kong without transit at Shenzhen. At the same time, another special logistic line will be available from Suzhou to Yangshan Port of Shanghai, raising the speed of logistics operation of Suzhou and cutting down the cost of logistics considerably.

Mar. 26, 2006

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