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Suzhou Cartoon HR Training Base Established

Suzhou software Park Training Center and Suzhou Arts and Crafts Vocational Institute signed an agreement on March 20 on the training of talents for Suzhou's cartoon industry.

Faced with the current scanty supply of talents in cartoon industry in Suzhou, and the situation that teaching of cartoon in higher and vocational education is falling behind the practical demands of the industry, the training by cooperation between enterprises and schools has become a better alternative to cater for the needs of the growing cartoon industry. According to the agreement, the two sides will endeavor to build up a cartoon talent training base for senior, intermediate, and basic levels of professional personnel with integrated function of production, emulation and research. The training will be carried out to meet the demands in the whole Yangtze delta region.

At Suzhou Software Park, where Suzhou national cartoon industrial base is located, about 20 cartoon and game industrial enterprises are making 450 million revenue annually, yet the shortage of talents has become a bottleneck in their expansion. The cooperative way of training will turn out high-quality human resources for the enterpirses.

Previously, the advanced "cartoon production" training course was opened in mid-March. The 24 trainees come from Suzhou Arts and Crafts Institute and the art department of Suzhou TV College will received 5 months’ training by the "project guidance" method (or teaching method by dream factory), and will be recruited by Suzhou Hongtu Cartoon Company.

Mar. 23, 2006

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