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Fewer Crabs and More Reeds to Improve SIP Ecology

An SIP working conference held on March 20 issued the call to build up an ecology-friendly SIP to respond to the matter of much public concern. A primary measure taken to improve the ecological environment of SIP will be a drastic decrease of crab breeding.

The freshwater crabs, though a delicacy at dinner table, are posing as a great threat to the quality of water when bred in density. To protect the water quality of Yangcheng Lake, about 8,000 mu of water surface will be reduced for crab breeding. On the other hand, wetland parks are being vigorously promoted, and 100 mu of wetland will be added for reed planting. These measures are being taken as part of the so-called "red flower and green leaf" project of SIP. The "green leaf" refers to ecological improvement highlighted by a series of greening projects that also cover the field of architecture and decoration.

The "red flower" is meant to implement the concept of ecological industries. The first phase will include semiconductor industry, optical electronics, and electrical machinery, which are relatively mature in forming ecological industrial chains. It is required that in these industries, the comprehensive utilization rate of solid wastes will reach 96%. By implementing the "red flower and green leaf" project, SIP will create a true living environment of red blossoms and green leaves for its residents.

Mar. 20, 2006

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