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Suzhou to Benefit from Two Planned Rail Traffic Lines

Departments concerned in Suzhou have now given further confirmation on the planned two traffic lines that will benefit Suzhou’s transport system. Preliminary planning has been made as to the directions and terminus of the two transport lines.

What can be confirmed now is that the construction of Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway, located on the north of the existing Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, will get underway before the end of this year, and wheel-on-rail technology will be applied to achieve the speed of 250-300 kilo/hour. The other transport line is the inter-city rail traffic line between Shanghai and Nanjing, passing on the southern parallel of the existing Shanghai-Nanjing Railway with 7 terminals, namely, Wangting, suzhou New District (Xushuguan), Suzhou, Suzhou Industrial Park, Weiting, New Kunshan, and Lujiabang.

The Shanghai-Nanjing Inter-city Rail Line will operate on double tracks differing from the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, which will cover the whole distance in 92 minutes by through trains at the speed of 250 kilos per hour, and 129 minutes to cover every stop at the speed of 160 kilometers per hour. It will take only 20 minutes from Suzhou to Shanghai. The shortest internal between trains will be only 3 minutes. Automatic control similar to urban subway will be applied on the whole distance of 300 kilometers.

Mar. 17, 2006

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