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A Hundred Expatriate Ladies from SIP Enjoy
a "Cultural" Women's Day

A hundred expatriate ladies, working or residing in SIP, gathered together to celebrate the International Women's Day in an atmosphere of typical traditional Chinese culture. On the morning, they visited Suzhou Arts and Crafts Museum, where they marveled at a collection of embroideries and Suzhou-style fans. In the ensuing get-together, they exhibited their talent in art and culture. 

At the museum, they listened to the introduction attentively, and were deeply impressed with the exquisite workmanship of the native craftsmen who demonstrated the skills of traditional folk art. 

Jing Yun'ao, from Macao, commented: "The thousands of years' Chinese history have left behind a rich legacy of cultural treasures, and today's visit is a significant cultural exchange for all foreign friends." 

Alexandra from Brazil, a fan of Chinese culture, was one of the performers who presented a Kunqu Opera except at last Christmas soiree. She was elated to see the exhibits at the museum. She said, "The arts and crafts are simply fantastic and unbelievable!" She has been in Suzhou for four years, and is currently learning Chinese at Soochow University, where she learned Chinese painting, the singing of Kunqu Opera, and Tai Ji boxing. 

She told the reporter that women in Brazil also celebrate the Women's Day by having a day off and receiving flowers from the company. But here, she could learn many new things, and spend the day more meaningfully.
The official from SIP Bureau of Social Undertakings, the sponsor of the activity, told the reporter that the activity for the Women's Day this year is of the largest scale with the most lively atmosphere ever organized in SIP.

Mar. 8, 2006

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