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Clustering Aviation Industry in SIP Shows Superiority

Foundation was laid in SIP for the two subsidiaries of French Safran Group on Feb. 24, Messier-Dowty Aviation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Snecama Aviation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Thus, the total investment amount in Aviation industry in SIP has gone beyond 200 million USD, and the clustered industry is showing a clear superiority.
Hi-tech industries such as electronic information, precision machinery, biological pharmaceuticals, mew materials, and aviation parts manufacturing are the leading industries being promoted in SIP, which are forming related chains at increased speed. In the recent two years, automotive and aviation parts manufacturing industries are showing head-on growth. In Aviation part industry alone, there have been some 10 world-famous manufacturers in SIP, such as Smiths, Messier, Honeywell CATIC, SAM, and Firth Rixson, etc.
Safran Group Corporation, the investor of Messier-Dowty Aviation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Snecama Aviation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., is a superior manufacturer of propellers, communications, aerospace, defense and security equipment. The registered capital of Messier-Dowty Aviation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is 25 million USD. Messier-Dowty is a global leader in the manufacturing of undercarriage, and previously, it had set up Messier-Dowty Aeronautical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in SIP. Snecama Corporation is currently the only world-famous manufacturer that has grasped the complete technologies in civil aviation, fighter planes, training aircraft, helicaopter, missile, satellite, and rocket carriers. The new enterprise invested by Snecama now is the first wholly-owned plant with an amount of 13.5 million US dollars, which is designed to produce engine parts.
An important principle in implementing the "11th 5-year plan" in SIP is to upgrade the industrial structure by speeding up the transformation of leading industries towards high value-added and knowledge-based economy and encouraging the entry of "think-tank" enterprises, "core technologies", and "high-level technologies" in SIP. A new industrial system in SIP is being envisaged with IT as the pillar, precision equipment manufacturing (automotive and aeronautical) as leading factors, and namometer new materials, biological pharmaceuticals, and software contracting as special features, with the backup of modern service industries.

Feb. 25, 2006

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