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Digital Movie to Be Popularized in SIP

Sipac has decided on the project of digital movie popularization to enrich the cultural life of the citizens within SIP, and as the first step, it presented digital movie projectors to the three townships of Loufeng, Weiting, and Shengpu, and the East-of-lake and West-of-lake community committees, to set up a projection network in the rural and urban areas of SIP. 

The digital movie project is being implemented by Suzhou General TV and Radio station through the newly established "Suzhou Satellite Digital Film Projection Development Co., Ltd.", which will take up the task of training, equipment supply, and maintenance.
According to the requirements of the municipal department of propaganda, cultural and broadcasting bureau, and education bureau, it will take 2 to 3 years to build up a digital movie projection network in urban and rural areas of Suzhou, and a free show of good film will provided to every village and neighborhood committee each month, while 1 or 2 shows of instructive movies will be given free to students of primary and middle schools. Digital movie projection will also given to enterprises according to their demands. Over 500 movie shows are planned in SIP for the year 2006, and the audiences will include Chinese and expatriate residents, resettled peasants, students at schools, and workers in SIP. It can be predicted that the popularization of digital movies will play a positive role in improving the cultural life at communities and the education of the younger generations.

Feb. 21, 2006

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