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A Private Enterprise Cares for Needy Families

"I am deeply grateful for the help from so many warm=hearted people!" So moved was Gao Huajin, a needy senior citizen, when he received the 1,000 yuan cash and New Year presents from General Manager Pei of Tianhua Chaojing Technology Co., Ltd. on Jan. 26, that he was lost for words.

The poor old lady named Gao Huajin lives at Block 71, Donggang Residential Compound, and for years has been receiving medical treatment at home. Her husband died three years ago, leaving the wife and a son to live by a monthly pittance of 600 social security allowance. On the afternoon of Jan. 26, the general manager of SIP Tianhua Chaojing Technology Company and staff of Donggang Community Office paid a special visit to her home and brought her the 1,000 yuan cash and lunar New Year food and delicacies. After that, the group went to the home of Tian Qinhua, a 40-year-old handicap who lost ability to work, and showed the same kind of concern before the coming lunar Spring Festival. Tian’s father was deeply moved by the generous act and loving care shown by the private-run enterprise.

Jan. 27, 2006

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