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Jinji Lake Scenic Spot Wins "Best Tourism Investment" Award

On the grand 2005 Suzhou "tourism Oscar" prize-awarding ceremony on Jan. 21, the Jinji Lake scenic spot in SIP won the grand prix for "the best investment project in Suzhou's tourism", and the Yangcheng Lake Crab Cultural Festival at Weiting, SIP, was nominated for "best Suzhou tourist festival celebration activity".


The 2005 Suzhou "Tourist Oscar" nomination was sponsored by Municipal Bureau of Tourism. The nominees for various prize items were screened from applicants and publicized to the citizens, and final results came out through votes by an evaluation committee formed by experts representing the municipal people's congress, the political consultative conference, the tourism commission, and departments concerned. The last round of contest was held among the Jinji Lake scenic spot of SIP, Baima Brook scenic spot of SND, Jingsi Garden of Wujiang City, the ancient Qiandeng Township of Kunshan City, the Lake Tai wetland, and New World scenic spot. The final result was won by Jinji Lake scenic spot for its unique feature of urban ecological preservation and leisure tourism.


The jinji Lake scenic spot covers an area of 10 square kilometers, with 7.4 square meters' water surface, where a total of over 3 billion yuan RMB has been invested. The area boasts of 8 scenes: the Urban Square, Lakeshore Avenue, Linglong Bay, Cultural Waterside Corridor, Jinji Peninsular, Boxin Isle, those under construction (Water Alley Neighborhood, Lord Li Causeway, and Cape of Lake Views). The blue sky, green rippling waters, and forest and lawns by the lake are gaining reputation as new, modern tourist attraction besides the classical gardens in Suzhou. In 2005 alone, the Jinji Lake scenic spot attracted over 2 million domestic and overseas visitors and citizesn.

With the modern concept of leisure tourism and investment insight, Suzhou Industrial Park has successfully molded the characteristics of urban ecology and modern vacation and leisure tourism by the Jinji Lake, affording a good complement of sightseeing to the ancient city, the ancient towns, and the classical gardens in Suzhou, and uplifting the overall profile of Suzhou's tourism.

The Yangcheng Lake Crab Cultural Festival at Weiting Township was one of the successful festival celebrations in Suzhou last year. The major media in east China and the well-known Hong Kong and Macao media all made reports of the festival throughout the activities. The special features and scale of the celebrations, the folk customs and culinary excellence further promoted the image of the giant fresh-water crabs of the Yangcheng Lake, and finally got nominated for "best Suzhou Tourist Festival Award".

The award-winning Jinji Lake scenic spot and the Yangcheng Lake Crab Cultural Festival are now being taken as a starting point in SIP for creating the brand of "fascinating Jinji Lake and new paradise of harmony" and speeding up the development of tourism industry, so as to achieve a new breakthrough in SIP economy.

Jan. 26, 2006

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