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The First German Logistics Company Settles in SIP

On the heels of UPS, KWE, BAX and other well-known international logistics tycoons, the famous German logistics company, Fiege Ltd., established itself in SIP Bonded Logistic Center as the first logistic enterprise in SIP from Germany. Founded in 1870, Fiege Ltd. is the largest specialized logistics company in Europe, which provide the series of services such as air, land, and sea transportation, warehousing, insurance, logistic software development, import and export, and express delivery, etc. Fiege excels in the designing of customers of different industries, and the implementation and operation of customized supply chain management and logistic service. As a multinational corporation, Fiege Ltd. has a working staff of nearly 10,000 spread over 157 subsidiaries and branches in Europe and 15 Asian countries.

Fiege Ltd. has over the years endeavoring to enter the China market. In 1981, it set up the first company in Hong Kong, and the second in Shanghai in 1995. It was attracted by the unique geographical advantage and preferential policies in SIP Bonded Logistic Center, and after repeated study and surveys, Fiege Ltd. decided to establish its sixth company in China within the center, Suzhou Fiege International Logistics Co., Ltd., as a major investment project in China. The first phase of the company leased some 2,000 square meters bonded warehouse in the center, equipped with advanced hardware facilities and warehousing management server (WMS). As the first German logistics company in Suzhou, Fiege will act upon its century-matured logistic concept to provide professional third-party logistic service to the manufacturing enterprises in SIP and the surrounding areas.

Nov. 17, 2005

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