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An SIP Enterprise Aligns with "Hope Project" by Putting Refuse to Good Use

By incomplete calculation, about half a million used printer cartridges are discarded in a year, and more and more such refuse is being accumulated. Is there any way to put them to good and environment-friendly use? It was learned yesterday that the used cartridges could be turned into good use in serving the "Hope Project" (a national campaign to assist education in poverty-stricken areas).

The solution is being given by Efficy Printing Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., registered in 2004, which has staged the campaign of "contributing cartridges to join the Hope Project, and serve public interest by turning the waste into good use". All institutions, enterprises, and public undertakings involved in the campaign can contribute to the "Hope Project" by handing over the used or outmoded cartridges. The way of doing it is to contact Efficy Company and obtain a retrieving box, marked with "Hope Project", in which to place all used printer or copier cartridges. Efficy Company will be responsible to retrieve all the cartridges to carry out professional environmental treatment, or, through dozens of special steps, to turn them into "reborn" cartridges, or bringing the worn parts to professionally competent enterprises for final treatment to minimize impact on environment. The remaining value of the donated cartridges will be remitted directly to the account of Beijing Donation Center of Hope Project, and the donor will receive a certificate of "Hope Project".

Since September last year, Efficy Company has placed 281 retrieving boxes in Sipac Building, Fujitsu office building, and other enterprises, but so far, only several hundred cartridges were collected from 55 such boxes, whereas the handling capacity of the company is 10,000 cartridges per month. The company is appealing to all walks of life to respond effectively to the campaign.

Nov. 9, 2005

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