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62888222: SPF Hotline Upgraded for Multiple Service

As an important measure to improve service to the members of SPF, the hotline of Suzhou Industrial Park Provident Fund (SPF) for inquiries was upgraded to be a comprehensive customer service platform on August 1, which integrated the functions of account checking, policy inquiry, service procedure fax, and complaint with high access rate.

Personal accounts checking by telephone
SPF member can dial the hotline and, by voice guide, key in the 6-digit password to acquire information on his accounts, including the balance, payment and expense details. Balance sheet can be printed upon demand through fax. The contents of personal accounts are updated every week to insure timeliness of inforation.

A new service that combines voice with manual, and telephone with fax  
The upgraded hotline will give more accurate answers to inquiries about policies. For general FAQ, standard voice answers will be given, and more personalized questions will be answered by service staff. All answers are recorded to ensure accurate service on the part of the operators. SPF members can also require faxed copies of service procedures.

Improved access rate  
The SPF Management Center has provided 5 access lines for the inquiry system plus two service staff members on duty so that the access rate was greatly improved.  

Designated personnel for inquiry service 
Previously, it was the staff from various departments of SPF Management Center to take turns on the inquiry duties, and their answers might not be to the point of the questions. Now, specialized staff with good command of policies and service expertise is assigned to the duties to give accurate answers to all inquiries.  

Sorting of inquiries for data analysis 
The new system will conduct statistics based on categorized sorting, and carry out data analysis to find out the level of understanding of the policies and regulations among SPF units and members, so as to improve its publicity. The automatic statistics of the system will give prompt information on the amount of work, which will serve as the basis for expansion of facilities.  

SPF Management Center will always keep up with the time in creative service to all its members. Welcome to the hotline: 62888222.

August 4, 2005

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