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The First Shopping Mall East of Jinji Lake

Century Lian Hua Shopping Mall, 26,000 square meters in area, has settled down in Lian Feng Commercial Square in the east of Jinji Lake, SIP, as the first of its kind in the area. Shanghai Century Lian Hua, the owner of the mall, is now speeding up the interior decorations that cost 50 million RMB, and plans to open business in the coming October with a profit-making target in 3 years. According to SIP United Investment Co., Ltd., the developer of the commercial square, the location of the shopping mall would give powerful impetus to the development of the whole square.

Shanghai Century Lian Hua, known as the No.1 chain supermarkets in China, pursuing the strategy of “radiating across the country while based in Shanghai”, has extended its coverage to Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Fujian, Jilin, Hebei, and Guangdong provinces, and a chain of operations has been initially formed in the Northeast, North China, South China, East China, and Southwest China, with over 40 shopping malls by the end of last year. Another 100 malls and extra-sized supermarkets are to be opened in the next 5 years. In preparing for the Suzhou shopping mall, Shanghai Century Lian Hua made detailed investigations on the market, and concluded that the great potential consumption power in the east of Jinji Lake would make the investment most rewarding. The mall will cover 3 stories, with 4,000 sq.m. on the first floor and 11,000 sq.m. on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Upon completion, shuttle buses will be provided free to customers.

July 15, 2005

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